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300x600 600x600 3D Ink-jet Special Look Burnt Cement Tile Italian Design Porcelain Tile Grey Porcellanato Tile flooring tiles, View Cement Tile Italian Design Porcelain Tile Grey Porcellanato Tile, FOSHAN TONIA CERAMICS Product Details from Foshan Tonia Ceramics Co., Ltd.
4) Stand up pouches will be delivered anywhere in world by DHL or FedEx courier maximum within 7 working days from the date of order. Used for packing pharmaceutical, socks ,seeds, game card, phone accessories, facial mask, detergent powder, smoke, etc. We are a professional manufacturer specializing in the plastic bags, established in 2011, located in Shenzhen China, always aims to supply fine quality competitive price products and entirely satisfied service for our clients. Now we are owning a full set advanced equipments and a team of skilled tech workers and handcraft workers.
These products are only offered as examples of our production capabilities, and are not for sale.

Company rep said to put name of person or business on the top line, your signature on the middle name, and YOUR address on the bottom line. I have myself called MoneyGram and has confirmed that it is YOUR ADDRESS THAT'S WRITTEN DOWN. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. In case you lose a blank money order (not filled anywhere), anyone can pick it up and fill it out in their name and to whomever they wish. Address (according to company rep) is not optional, and signifies the name and address of whoever bought the money order (you).
Please link to content that you find useful on this website on your own website, forum or blog! So it is recommended that you fill out the "pay to the order of" and "purchaser" lines as soon as you purchase a large money order.

You can also comment on this page below, or contact me to ask a question or suggest a topic for me to research.
There is a user-editable Wiki available on my website, as well as a Forum that you can contribute to. I was a very confused about the address line and if I should put the persons address, it was going to or mine. He then called the money gram and they gave them the correct information which was wrongly stated on the money gram.
I did a Google search on how to fill out your money order and was shocked to see it was stated as being confusing!

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