As much as we all hate to say goodbye to these gorgeous summer nights, there’s not denying that, at least for the little ones, the back to school season is right around the corner.
Just as they are with many other things, a few good DIY projects can be the perfect answer to that particular problem.
Let your little ones pack their supplies around in style with this awesomely colorful backpack. Let your kiddos keep track of important things in style with this adorable donut bulletin board.
This cheap and easy DIY comes with a free printable that makes this entire project even cooler. With the $1 washi tape and simple standing picture frame, it doesn’t get any cuter or any less expensive than this dry erase frame project. Vancouver’s First Quantum Minerals says its mine in the Congo was stolen, so it deserved $1.25 billion in compensation. Katanga, Congo’s southeastern province, is home to some of the world’s richest deposits of copper and cobalt.
The Kolwezi Tailings were off-limits to foreigners during the 31-year rule of the western-backed kleptocrat Joseph-Desire Mobutu. The following year, Kabila’s government declared it would “review” more than 60 mining agreements, including Kolwezi. Granted, the government could rely on Kinshasa’s cowering judges to slap First Quantum around. There seems to be little appetite for another investigation into Congo’s mining transactions. But M’Poko says the government is not worried that First Quantum’s woes will discourage foreign investment.
Really educational thanks, I reckon your current followers may well want even more well written posts of this naturel continue the excellent work.
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Aside from trying your hardest to get grumpy kiddos excited about the ending of summer and the beginning of classroom dwelling, having to spend heaps of money on school supplies can also have a tendency to make any mother want to pull her hair out.
From adorable pencil pouches to notebooks cool enough to make your head spin, these DIY school supplies are just as budget friendly as they are amazing.
Turn a simple white canvas backpack into a rainbow watercolor masterpiece with a few pretty fabric markers and a spray bottle filled with water. These notebooks are created using simple composition books, card stock, and patterned paper. A sheen of spray paint and some colorful polka dots made with acrylic paint are all it takes to transform any simple No. Made using a simple corkboard and a little bit of paint, this DIY is extremely simple to complete and an awesome addition in any locker or bedroom.
A plain white pencil case and a few supplies like scissors and iron are all that’s needed to finish this DIY. The tutorial is relatively simple and the results make it easy for your kids to remember important dates and assignments all year long. Written in French and bearing official-looking stamps in red and black ink, the 56-page contract detailed a joint venture between a collection of mysterious shell companies and the government of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Founded in the mid-1990s, Vancouver-based First Quantum developed a reputation for mining in difficult frontier countries. Governments in resource-rich underdeveloped countries often bend over backward to attract foreign investment. Aiming to regain control or get compensation, First Quantum retaliated with an aggressive, multi-faceted campaign on three continents. In the early 1950s, the state-owned mining giant La Generale des Carrieres et des Mines (Gecamines) began operating an open-pit copper-cobalt mine just north of the town of Kolwezi. Kabila’s advisers warned that AMF might sell Kolwezi to a bigger company, pocketing profits that ought to wind up in government coffers.
The panel claimed it had documents demonstrating the company had made improper payments to the Congo’s national security minister, the director of the national intelligence agency, and other officials. Evidently undeterred by its earlier experience, this time it negotiated a 65% stake in Kolwezi Tailings. Soon after winning a 2006 election, his officials once again began rethinking relations with foreign companies. Bene M’Poko, the Congo’s ambassador to South Africa, became Kabila’s official spokesman on the issue.

At first nobody seemed to know; corporate records revealed that it was incorporated in the British Virgin Islands in September 2009, the same month Kolwezi was seized.
Despite Vulis’s bravado, “I don’t think they would be so naive as to believe that a company in First Quantum’s situation wouldn’t fight back,” says Philippe de Pontet, an analyst at the Eurasia Group.
Tucked away in a regulatory document were the barest details: it acquired its stake in Kolwezi from an entity called the Gertler Family Trust. Under international law, the Canadian government is obliged to protect its citizens and corporations from unlawful abuse abroad.
The Congo was crippled by billions of dollars in national debts, which Kabila wanted forgiven. If one accepts the UN Panel’s untested allegations from 2002, then the manner in which it lost Kolwezi bears resemblance to the manner in which it was acquired. Now pursuing projects in Finland and Australia, First Quantum seems eager to put its Congo woes behind.
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If you're new here, or you just want to keep up with all the latest posts, be sure to sign up for my FREE daily email newsletter (it contains all the hottest deals and advice from the past 24 hours). The supplies are perfectly cheap and the actual project is easy enough that the kids can even help you make them. If I'm not writing, I'm probably trying to think up weird pizza recipes or watching Property Brothers. The happy new partners had agreed to harvest a valuable collection of mining scrap heaps called the Kolwezi Tailings.
This exhibited deft use of political pressure, international law and the powerful weapon of shame.
Gecamines converted the area into a hellish wasteland of abandoned pits and rock dumps; it discarded tailings behind a massive dam and deposited them along an 11-km stretch of a nearby river valley.
As the rebels advanced, a few bold foreign companies began negotiating with them for mineral concessions. So Kabila cancelled the deal and held talks with other foreign companies to form a new consortium. The panel concluded that a cabal of about 30 businessmen, politicians and military officers transferred the Congo’s mineral assets (notably those of Gecamines) into joint ventures. First Quantum elected to “await a stable political climate,” chairman Philip Pascall explained to shareholders.
He did that frequently, and lived in constant fear that western corporations would conspire to assassinate him. With the security situation greatly improved, Kabila’s government no longer needed cash from junior or mid-tier companies.
In an interview with Canadian Business, he explained that many existing mining contracts contained “irregularities.” “Some of these companies were created,” he says, “when people were fighting.
As M’Poko tells it, all of First Quantum’s contracts featured irregularities that could have been resolved easily. Maybe it was in early 2008, when the Congo’s mining minister declared the Kolwezi contract null and void. But as spectators pondered this mystery, the picture changed yet again: Eurasian Natural Resources Corp.
That pointed to Daniel Gertler, a shadowy Israeli diamond tycoon known to have close ties to the Kabila dynasty. And the rancour wasn’t helping the country’s already dismal image as a place to do business.
It specified that any disputes be resolved not in the Congo, but rather before a tribunal of the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris—an institution over which Kinshasa had no control. Much of First Quantum’s communications with the Canadian government remain shrouded in secrecy; documents obtained under the Access to Information Act were heavily censored. But to accomplish that he needed co-operation from the Paris Club, an informal group of senior government officials from 19 major developed economies.
In January, ENRC agreed to pay First Quantum US$1.25 billion in return for uncontested title to the DRC mines and a legal ceasefire. In January, Newall indicated he’d be willing to discuss the company’s Congo experiences following the settlement, but did not respond to later interview requests. Transparency International, an NGO that ranks the perceived corruption of nations annually, consistently ranks the Congo among the worst.
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Conducted through offshore companies and secret contracts, these transfers allowed Kabila’s inner circle to swap mining licences and export permits for private gain.

In 2001, the company wrote off its Congo tailings projects, then valued at just $1.3 million. It bought AMF in 2006 after a protracted takeover battle, thus acquiring Kolwezi a second time. Major multinational companies were now prepared to pay top dollar to access the Congo’s riches. For example, Kolwezi’s permit had been awarded to a corporate entity that was not properly registered in the Congo. Maybe it came the following year when the government seized control of the half-built mine. Last November, he published a series of documents identifying 45 different shell companies (some linked to Gertler) that acquired Congo mining properties since the contract revisitation process began.
They reveal, however, that First Quantum sent the contract between Highwind and Gecamines to Sigrid Anna Johnson, Canada’s ambassador to the Congo.
Although that sum does not compensate for the full market value of the expropriated mines, the company at least recovered its costs.
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This is the story of how the company got taken for a ride in one of the world’s most corrupt countries, fought back and won. In April 1997, just months before Kabila took Kinshasa, it signed a joint venture agreement with Kabila to exploit the tailings. Then a nascent, junior mining company, it acquired a 51% stake in four tailings dumps, including two at Kolwezi.
They were never tested in any court—and Freedman says the document that supported them has since gone missing. By then, First Quantum’s executives should have understood that Congolese contracts weren’t worth the paper they were printed on; capricious autocrats like Kabila might tear them up if more attractive partnerships appeared.
Maybe it arrived when an appeals court in Kinshasa ruled First Quantum should pay Gecamines and the government an astounding US$12 billion.
ENRC director Richard Sykes, former CEO of pharmaceuticals giant GlaxoSmithKline, was left to explain why the board felt the Congo acquisitions were appropriate. Federal lobbying records show that Daniel Brock, a lawyer at Fasken Martineau DuMoulin, lobbied the departments of Finance, Foreign Affairs and the Prime Minister’s Office on the company’s behalf. Some in Ottawa were hesitant to get involved, possibly owing to the optics of interfering in debt relief to one of the world’s poorest countries. Canada’s Finance and Foreign Affairs departments would not make any officials available to discuss their roles.
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Point is, Annie has red curly hair and if you get me red hair on a woman and make it curly, she’s in trouble. Like, seriously, their parents are the kind of people who decided that how everyone else goes to school is wrong and they could do it better. First Quantum coveted the copper- and cobalt-rich scrap heaps; it invested years and billions of dollars building the necessary infrastructure to harvest them.
The younger Kabila’s prime accomplishment was restarting a stalled peace process, and by 2003 the conflict had ebbed.
Joyce agreed to be interviewed, but before that happened his political career imploded following his involvement in a bar-room brawl in London.
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His government drew up a new mining code aimed at attracting foreign investment, and the scramble for the Congo’s riches resumed. By 2010, First Quantum had little choice but to write Kolwezi off for the second time and evacuate its foreign workers. ENRC, which is controlled by Kazakh owners but listed on the London Stock Exchange, seemed unconcerned. He claimed First Quantum had behaved badly, and that ENRC’s due diligence determined its transaction was entirely legal.
Among other things, the ICC eventually issued an order prohibiting the Congo from transferring the Kolwezi permit to new owners.
Even so, Johnson, the ambassador, personally forwarded documents regarding First Quantum’s dispute to World Bank and IMF officials. As for Gertler, “We came up with nothing that suggested we shouldn’t deal with him,” Sykes told The Sunday Times.
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