Would you like to exchange that gold mine of junk in your basement for a fistful of dollars?
You can also buy school supply kits online.  Amazon has a great selection and if you have Amazon Prime (and you totally should because it comes with LOTS of perks! Target Cartwheel App ~ I have a tutorial on how to use this app, it’s super easy and full of savings! Ebates is an awesome App (you can also use online) ~ I have JUST started using this app and LOVE IT! Well here is where my super thrifty side comes in…get to those thrift stores NOW for Fall and Winter school clothes.  People are still buying Summer clothing and most thrift stores are getting geared up for the school shopping rush…believe it or not!  You can save literally hundreds of dollars on CUTE clothes! Ok so if you are not wanting to go to the Thrift Store for school clothes (and that’s perfectly ok) then keep your eyes peeled for great deals using the above Apps!  Most of them will send you deals that you have marked an interest in.

Just keep an eye out for the good deals as the end of Summer ends and school sales start to soar. If you want something totally crazy original for your kids Etsy is the place for YOU!…Lots of fun school supplies over there!
Most of all…enjoy these last few days or weeks of Summer…the days go by fast and you’ll wish they were home again.
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