It’s that time of year, Christmas has been and gone and the festivities feel like a dim and distant memory, but the sound of the credit card bill landing on the doormat is a timely reminder of the cost of the excess at Christmas time.
For many, the start of the New Year marks a time when we promise that next year will be different, next year we will take control of our finances, we won’t overspend and we will start to save for the future. But once the initial motivation wears off, it all seems just a bit too much like hard work. The reality is that many of us have a whole load of self-sabotage going on where money is concerned. I started thinking about why this is the case, why do we sabotage ourselves with unhealthy financial behaviours? Basically, the idea is that you save 1p on day one, increasing it by a penny each day… so, 2p on day two, 3p on day three, 10p on day ten and so on, all the way up to day 365. And, like a light bulb switching on, I realised that the reason why so many of us fail to even start a savings plan is because we feel that whatever we can afford to save simply won’t be enough. What I like about this particular article is that it demonstrates how even the smallest amounts can create a healthy savings pot but, perhaps more importantly, it shows how to save money and develop an effective savings habit in an easy, painless way. Like any form of training, consistency builds strength and consistency of saving small amounts will build strength around new habits.
Spending everything we earn is simply a habit so saving a percentage of what we earn can also become a habit too, it’s simply a case of getting started and then sticking with it!
It’s easy to overcomplicate things where savings and investment are concerned but in truth there are only two things that you need to do … Spend less than you earn and Save first. Saving for emergencies may not give you the motivation you need to kick-start the savings habit, however, thinking of a luxury holiday might.
The ability to imagine, not necessarily the amount of money, but everything you’ll be doing with the money is so important.

Look at areas where you are paying over the odds… Such as life cover, mortgage payments, utilities, food shopping.
Identify how much you can save and set up an automatic direct transfer to go out each month. By saying you don’t understand all of the savings options available… either get some education around how to save money and invest, or seek advice from a qualified professional such as an Independent Financial Adviser. About Latest Posts Follow SarahSarah HenniganSarah Joy Hennigan is a Financial Planner with a difference. That is a brilliant idea Donna and thank you very much for taking the time to share this with us. This is a great post and it really is mind over matter.I started making little changes when I was pregnant to save money to allow me to have extra time off work. Most importantly in cover letter examples when writing the cover letter, introduction stating the desired position you are seeking for is paramount. Creating new behaviours, such as developing a savings habit and learning how to save money effectively, can be a real challenge.
And why do so many of us fail to save even the smallest of amounts for our future financial security? The article talks about how to accumulate ?667 in savings, to be used for Christmas 2016, by making small incremental savings each day. Having worked with hundreds of people throughout her fifteen-year career, she identified that, irrespective or financial means or background, there was one common theme: financial behaviour is not only shaped by knowledge and resources but by beliefs, feelings and emotions.
Setting a specific saving goal that will motivate you and committing to that goal will help you develop good saving habit which will set you up for the future. I have a ?2 jar and if I get a ?2 coin, I won’t spend it and it goes straight in the pot.

Basically, most employers determine on the fate of the job seeker depending on the content displayed on the cover letter. Six years ago, Sarah made the decision to qualify as a psychotherapist to enable her to develop her knowledge around money psychology. Although targeted for a maternity leave, some additional easy steps to start saving include setting up an automatic transfer and look at which services can be bundled.
I empty it out in September and it always pays for my daughters birthday presents and party!
Therefore, helpful tips on writing a cover letter are critical for all individuals and especially for job seekers. Thus, the letter should highlight only the key points that show the experience, job field and any other relevant knowledge applicable. Her unique approach to financial planning now combines money mind set with practical financial planning. This ensures that the employer would not strain to understand the content in the letter as time is limited.
By donation, we are not talking about organ donation or selling your kidneys to buy the latest iPhone.5.
Spending time with animals, playing with them, taking care of them and petting them-you can do all of this and more as a dog-walker.So, walk the dogs and exercise your body too,And earn cash like none other can do!8.
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