60 Minutes recently aired a story about children living in families so hard hit hard by the recession that they had become homeless. As you can see from the graph below, children are the age group most likely to live in poverty.
By contrast, the Northeast and Plains states have the lowest child poverty level, with New Hampshire the nation’s lowest at 9.5 percent. The NCCP’s data challenges several common beliefs about children in poverty: that it is the result of parents who won’t work, who have too many kids, and who experience generational poverty. As the 60 Minutes story suggests, children in poverty are most likely poor as the result of a major disruptive change in their family: a lost job, an illness, divorce, or death.
Americans often talk about “poor people” as if they are a distinct group with uniform characteristics and somehow unlike the rest of “us.” In fact, there is great diversity among children and families who experience economic hardship.
Given that poverty often comes after a child’s birth, it is too simple to just suggest that poor people not have children.
It's horrible how thousands of children are dying everyday because their family can not afford to keep them protected and healthy.
Below is a well written explanation by an author who grew up in generational poverty and found a way to escape it.
Poor people are inclined to have more children and earlier in life as often they hope that having children can help their family escape poverty as the children become young adults. The families living in poverty probably have poor internal family connections between parents and children. This article really hit hard for me as I come from a family where both my parents grew up in poverty and were eventually able to move up into the middle class.
Some other factors that could reduce the number of children living in poverty is better education.
As we all know, the rate of children living under poverty has gone up in the past 10 years, and is becoming quite a concern.
In my Sociology Class we have been learning about Basic Human Rights, among those being the most importnat rights of equality, freedom, and happiness. I agree that people like to disregard the issue of homeless and on top of that the homelessness of children. Child poverty is such a hard subject to try and fix because it's such a widespread problem.
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Homeshop18 offers their customer to Mobile, Television, Laptop, Cosmetics, Health and more online products deals. Child poverty is a particularly difficult issue to broach, despite the fact that more than one in five American children now live under the Federal Poverty Level (FPL).
While the elderly used to have higher poverty rates, by the mid-1970s those rates declined dramatically, likely in part as a result of federal programs like Social Security and Medicare.
However, poverty rates have been rising in recent years, due in large part to the recession. Children of all ethnicities who live in single mother headed households are also more likely to live in poverty. Children in the South have the highest poverty rates, with Mississippi’s topping out at just over 30 percent. Because so many single moms are struggling to work in order to earn enough money to support herself and her children. This article was about the growing number of children who now live below the federal poverty level. It is shocking to look at the statistics for children in poverty throughout the 21st century.
A child should not have to worry about if they will have a house to live in, in the next month, or even about when they will get their next meal.
It's so hard to believe that anyone is being denied basic human rights, especially children. When you really think about what this means--children who are experiencing hunger--it's really a terrible problem. And more than 90 percent of low-income single mothers have only one, two, or three children.
At least 30 percent of Black, Hispanic, and American Indian children are engulfed in poverty.
For example, my father got laid off a couple of years ago and we almost sank down into that direction. Now being taught of the rights we hold as human beings, it makes me wonder how these children are able to have these rights in the state that they are now. Especially, if there are advertisements for the poor hungry children in Africa that need food and shelter because their parents died or they can't do anything for them. I agree with another commentor, who said that this problem is not as well-known as it should be. According to the National Center for Children in Poverty (NCCP), currently 15 million children live below the FPL and the percentage of children in poverty rose 33 percent between 2000 and 2009. For what you are saying in your article, it makes perfect sense, and I believe that we, as Americans, should make more effort to helping the people of our nation. There should be an organization to make sure that they can lead a life to be successful no matter what their background may be. In America there are more homeless now because the parents got either let go or can't find a good supporting job for the family.

I think many people see the issue of poverty as very far away, when it's very prevalent in many communities. Listing to the children in the 60 Minute segment, I found it very commendable the sense of family they hold on to. NCCP suggests that families actually need to earn at least twice the FPL to be economically stable. This article was very interesting and I learned that children make up most of the people that live below the poverty level and that if white children make up the highest amount of children in poverty but children who are a minority are still more likely to live below poverty levels. I had previously thought that the recession was over, but after watching the CBS video and reading this article, I discovered that a shocking 9 percent of the population in the U.S. The children are the ones that are suffering because of the economy and that is really sad. I think we should be raising awareness of the issue, how much closer it is than people see it. They estimate that 31 million live in low income families, or 42 percent of American children. The U.S has a huge problem with child poverty and this really surprised me because we are supposed to be a great and caring country.
Also, getting rid of the negative stereotypes could reduce the number of children living in poverty. Our government is always involved with foreign affairs, trying to help others meanwhile there is a huge problem in our own country. 16 million people in our Country do not have permanent shelter, food to eat, or clothes to wear. 10 Oxigen Wallet Credit + Refer & Earnadmin on PayZapp Independence offer 70% Cashback on merchant transation [14-16 Aug]admin on Surf Excel Easy Wash Detergent 3 KG Rs. It disgusts me to think that one in five children are living below poverty level because this means they most likely don’t eat well, won’t have educational opportunities and are prone to early death.
Something needs to be done to boost our economy and our people out of this recession in order for generational poverty to not exist in our Country. That is why we need something from the government to help them get the children off the street instead of wasting money on random things.The children have a right to be happy and living in a good environment.
Child poverty is a problem without an easy fix; however, it is a problem that can improve with time if the right lessons and education is incorporated. To be one of the most industrialized and powerful Countries in the world, we sure are not taking enough care of our brethren.

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