With your friends and office mates being let go left and right, you probably wondered if the same fate were to befall on you, too.
Join Smart Panel, a new survey site where you earn rewards to share your experiences about how you use the internet. While the world has certainly recovered somewhat from this global economic crisis, that doesn’t change the fact that if you are not in control of your destiny, the rug can be pulled from your feet at any time. The good news is there are plenty of supplemental income opportunities that can help you make a little side money working from home. To get you started, I’ve gathered a list of ideas for creating a second or third income stream. I’m not saying that these will be enough to replace your full-time income, but these will definitely help you put extra cash in your pocket that you can save for a rainy day. You can start by checking out Amazon Mechanical Turk, which utilizes a people-powered API that gives companies the opportunity for easy outsourcing of simple activities. Personally, I find the tasks to be incredibly monotonous, but it may be a good fit for someone who doesn’t want a side job that makes them think too much. While these tasks may not pay as much as other extra income opportunities, many tasks simply involve critiquing restaurants, going through search results, and maybe even giving videos a thumbs up.
Try Swagbucks, the famous rewards program that pays you for watching videos, taking surveys, shopping and more.
RelayRides, for instance, offers a listing service for people who would like to lease out their cars on an hourly basis. The reality is people will always need other people to work on the things that they cannot do on their own. Many times, companies hire freelancers for projects to save on costs and to get everything done faster. In addition, companies often find that it does not makes sense to hire a full-timer for something that they will be doing for a short, specific period of time. As a website tester, you’ll be asked to find the parts that will break as well as let the website owners know the parts that confuse you.

Most people think that crowdsourcing is just for designers, but did you know that coming up with names for businesses, products, and services can make you money as well?
PickyDomains is one of those crowdsourcing contest websites that allow people to win cash prizes by simply suggesting names and being creative. This is a fun way to make some quick cash, and I wrote in detail how you could make a few hundred a day by picking names for NamingForce, here. Did you know that just over a year ago, iStockPhoto paid over $20 million in contributor royalties? And if anything, that should already tell you that stock photos that are taken by someone with a great camera and creativity can be a huge moneymaker.
Because you earn based on royalties, taking stock photos can be a real source of passive income.
It is hard to figure out what items to sell to make money, but the best thing you can do is to start looking around for items that you or other members of your household have outgrown. The best part is that even if you don’t know the answer, you can do some research online and find the answer. Making a living as a full-time writer can be difficult, but if you do this part-time, then it can be quite fulfilling. If you’re talented with words (or images, video, and audio), there are many sites where you just have to write great content to get paid. The best part about many of these sites is that they are already famous and receive tons of traffic, so you don’t have to worry much about spending time promoting the articles you write. I wrote a detailed guide on how to start making money designing t-shirts and other customizable items. There are tons of ways to add a second or third income stream to help you get through these hard economic times. Sure, none of these methods are going to replace your day job (although some, like freelance writing, could), but these are great options for supplementing what you earn from your day job. EarningStation is a new rewards program that pays you for doing things you already do online.

6 Ridiculously Easy Ways to Make Quick Money Legally."I need to make money fast and legally. So, if they need to pay you so you can tell them what you feel about it, they will certainly do it. An example of this is MintVine, which will not only pay you to take the survey, but will also allow you to earn from referrals. So, even if it seems like companies have a hiring freeze or are retrenching workers, they still need people.
Not only is this a great way to clean up the house, but you’ll also feel better getting rid of clutter. Basically, you write and publish the article, they put ads on that page and split the profit with you. The good thing about these sites is that you don’t need to invest any money, or deal with printing, shipping, handling, or customer service. Material shared on this blog does not constitute financial advice nor is it offered as such.
Who knows–you may just win $2000 in prize money along with free T-shirts ($500 worth). Read More40 Online Shopping Hacks & Tips to Save You $500-$1000 GuaranteedWhat would you do with an extra $500? All trademarks, registered trademarks and service marks mentioned on this site are the property of their respective owners.

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