A myriad of detail that would baffle the conscious mind are stored within the subconscious. People who frequently tap into the subconscious for answers, know there is no such a thing as impossible.Accessing the Power of the SubconsciousThere are a few simple methods that will activate the problem solving wheels of the subconscious mind. Ask yourself a question and sleep on it.This may seem ridiculously simple but works like a charm. The process, however, is always started by the conscious mind, and then handed over to the subconscious to work out.Repeating the question is necessary, in order to instill it deep enough into the conscious mind, for the subconscious to take a note of it. The reason why repetition is the mother of all learning, is because it drills it into the subconscious mind.

All the rules, behaviors and actions are programmed from the software, but carried out by the program.
Repeating the question alone will work, eventually, but using the power of your will speeds things up considerably.
Just scribble down all the thoughts, words and associations that come to mind regarding the question.
The solution may come from an angle you were not expecting, so keep an open mind.You may have heard of automatic writing. Both entail shutting off the conscious mind to invite in the stream of the subconscious.My grandmother, who is not a medium or a psychic of any sort, once wrote an entire book with automatic writing.

When we journal, we are usually relaxed and not really trying to work out a problem consciously. Most people do not know that they hold this vast storehouse of knowledge within, and therefore do not look to it for answers, at least not consciously.Once you learn how to use the subconscious mind, your life becomes easier and you are not really faced when problems arise.
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