The difference between upcycling and recycling has a lot to do with recognizing the potential in an object.
These tin can lids are a great example of how adding something to an item can repurpose it in a new and exciting way. We think the brilliance of Bresnaham’s range of 9 interchangeable lids is in its simplicity. You can see here how to make a robot from trash.At the bottom of the page you'll find more ideas - like inventive ways to recycle plastic bottles! Stephen showed us one of the best recycled crafts ideas I've ever seen: picking up bits from the trash can and building them into fearsome T Wrecks.
If you look at our page on homeschooling activities, you'll see how to make recycled crafts terrifying by building a T-Rex. If you move on to our homeschool page on how to build model robots, you'll see Catherine showing you the crafts skills you need for building robot wheels using recycled milk bottle tops with barbecue stick axles. Heat a bradawl in a candle flame and pierce axle holes through the body so the barbecue stick axle can roll round easily, but not too loose. Use the same method to cut a hole to fit the bottom of a hand held plastic razor as a defence turret.
Ten kids ideas that reuse plastic bottlesI love these activities for kids recycling plastic bottles.  Check out ideas for making a ship in a bottle or trying out jump rope handles and this brillliant suggestion for making a plastic bottle bird feeder! Recycled crafts are a winner all ways round; you turn trash into something really cool that's great for kids!
A little while back while watching our favourite kid's show together, Play School (Australia), we saw them do a very cool experiment that we just had to have a go of ourselves. This experiment allows children to see that air takes up room and is always present even though we can't see it.
Blow up the balloon again and place the mouth of the balloon over the empty bottle without letting too much air escape. Explain that the balloon is not going down because the bottle is full of air so the air inside the balloon has no where to escape. Carefully, with a pen, poke a hole in the empty bottle just big enough for a straw to poke through and seal with blue tac. At this point with the water at the same level as the top of the straw, it will not come out. But she especially loved it when the balloon ran out of air and the water fountain did some funny last spits before stopping! Bloggers around the world are blessed with the creativity to turn trash or old junk into something beautiful. From old pickle jars, used tin cans, empty wine bottles and much more – there is a way to transform it into something beautiful.
Wooden Pallet To Coffee Table – This is a great example of a complete transformation, not to mention how chic the finished product looks, with a few simple instructions and materials you too could make similar coffee table for your living room.
Old Cupboard Door Art – With an old cupboard door, some thumb tacks and a bit of inspiration, anyone could complete this simple but fabulous DIY, why not personalize it for a friend or a loved one.
Old Chair Transformation – This DIY shows you how to upgrade an old tired chair into some funky on trend chairs with little effort but maximum impact.
Pull Tab Picture Hanging Fixture – How many cans do you throw in the recycling each week? DIY Tire Ottoman – This is a great way to use an old tire, not only does it make a superb piece of furniture, sturdy enough to withstand the outdoors, it also stops the tire becoming pollution when trashed!
Bottle Piggy Bank – These super cute piggy banks are the prefect craft project for any family, child friendly, these are fun to make, only require recycled materials and take no time at all! Bundt Cake Mould Planter – Using old tins and pans that have done their time in the kitchen to make other wonderful things for your home is always a pleasure. Bottle Cap Fabric Covered Coasters – This is a fun idea to use up all of those bottle caps that normally get thrown out.

Tea-cup Jewelry Storage – If you have odd tea-cups lying around and need to out them to use, but wouldn’t risk using them as actual tea-cups? April 5, 2016 by Amanda Formaro 11 Comments How much do your kids really know about recycling?
There are plenty of ways to encourage recycling, like turning what would otherwise be garbage into fun craft projects, which if you’ve been following this blog for a while you know I am passionate about!
We collected several plastic bottles and washed a couple out with warm soapy water so we could turn them into these fun and colorful fairy house night lights!
We talked about how to look at the recycling symbols on the bottom of the bottles so they would know what could be recycled and what couldn’t. You can get a printable version of this craft below or watch the video above to see how it’s done. Don’t forget to check out Recycle Rally and talk about getting your child’s school signed up for this free and encouraging program about recycling! My daughter and I created this Pumpkin Fairy House as an entry into the pumpkin decorating contest where she works. If you are interested in advertising on Crafts by Amanda, discussing a sponsored post, or talking about your products, please visit my media page.
We’re back with our amazing flooring collections, up to date information about flooring after a long weekend.
Reclaimed flooring is reusing the left out flooring material, products, sources or even remodeling the old flooring into a completely transformed new one. Reclaimed wood is produced by recycling of wood from trees which are generally grown for more than 100 years. Reclaimed wood flooring gives strength and comfort to the surface than the original hardwood flooring. They have extended durability, moisture resistant, resistant to denting, marring and scratches. They are relatively less in cost, now available for both commercial and residential purposes.
Rubber flooring is becoming one of the leading flooring types preferred in commercial, industrial and residential expanses. The greatest advantage with rubber flooring is their efficiency in absorbing sounds; hence areas with high foot traffic can be adjusted with rubber flooring to suppress the foot trampling. Rubber flooring is one ideal flooring type which offers wide range of texture that could fit in easily on any sub floors. While recycling involves extracting useful materials, upcycling is about taking a unwanted object and finding a new use for it.
Created by Jack Bresnaham, these biodegradable, plastic lids turn everyday tin cans into useful household containers. Tooth brush holder to vase, soap dispenser to desk organizer, any tin can is immediately transformed and repurposed, potential fulfilled. Do the very start of the activity with the air and let it rush out on their fingers or toes and then ask them what's in the balloon or tell them that what was in the balloon was air.
You could even extend as far as having them write a report on it or write it up properly with a hypothesis etc.
Not only do these look stunning late in the evening darkness, but also fab in daylight too! Some people would throw these out thinking they have had their time..not Jen over at Domesticatednomad!
Not only is it original, it’s a great way to use items you would normally throw out with out even thinking twice. Before I show you how to make these cute fairy house night lights, let’s talk about teaching kids to recycle. You can find them along the roadside sometimes, but hopefully they are usually in the recycle bin.

It was pretty chilly out today, but they insisted on picking up the trash and disposing of it properly, including recycling it. Once we were back inside they sorted their findings and we washed several bottles for our craft project. I’m sure they do, but it wouldn’t hurt to suggest a Recycle Rally for them as well! It’s a free nationwide program that provides valuable incentives and resources to help make recycling easy, fun and rewarding!
That means if you buy something from that link, I will earn a small commission, but it won’t cost you anything additional. For the purposes of featuring a post from Crafts by Amanda, you may use one photo that must be credited and linked back to the appropriate post on this blog. I am blogging for more than 6 years now, I love sharing DIY, Arts, Crafts & Handmade things related home improvement & lifestyle. This category of flooring is environmental friendly as it doesn’t exploit the natural resources and make use of the existing material available. This flooring has anti microbial nature which with stand years together without getting damaged. This reclaimed wood flooring is effective in producing fewer sounds while trampling and are slip resistant. Recycled rubber flooring is generally made out of waste old tires, left out scrap of rubber piles. Dirt, debris and micro organisms resistant reclaimed rubber flooring is of outstanding quality. When you show them the water fountain experiment, tell them that the air in the balloon is pushing down on the water like it did on their toes, so the water goes up the straw. I know when I was growing up it wasn’t a big part of our daily lives like it is today. My neighbor’s grandchildren helped me out today by picking up some discarded plastic bottles along the tree line right by their elementary school. It’s a great way to educate kids and help keep our earth beautiful for these future generations.
I wonder if we have something like that in South Africa, I think I need to do some research.
Using recycled wood for your flooring, you can change the existing old floors into much more graceful interiors that are highly durable. Rubber flooring is undoubtedly environmental friendly and is a rich potential source available in nature. Kids learn about recycling at home and in school, but it’s up to us to keep the momentum going. Reclaimed wood offers many options to choose from hardwood to softwood with exceptional texture and refined finishes.
Rubber flooring also comes with different designs and majestic colors that endorse your interiors with opulence and simplicity. I wonder if Abbie would slide on it as much as she would slide on the wood when she “flies” out the doggie door? Congratulations!  You have just passed the first step in making recycled crafts come alive! Add some hot glue to the inside of the bottom half of the bottle and line the bottom with moss.

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