The way I maximize this situation is I have some $200 gift cards I buy at Office Supply stores and some $500 gift cards I buy at other places. As of May 2014, the next gift card you can go ahead and swipe first then tell her the amount. I am then the proud owner of a money order which I can fill out payable to myself and then deposit it in my bank! You can then use the funds to pay off the credit card you used to buy the gift cards or pay bills or whatever you want! Previous Previous post: SPG Announces Summer 2014 Earn Away, Get Away promotionNext Next post: How I am flying to Costa Rica for $45! An international money order in US Dollars (USD) issued by the United States Postal Service. It is not necessary difficult to trace a money order, though the exact method is slightly different depending on where you purchased it. A money order is a form of exchangeable currency that is fairly similar to a check, though it is purchased from a source that guarantees the money rather than through a bank account. Money orders can come from a number of different businesses and agencies, and where it came from will usually dictate what you need to do to trace it. If you wish to trace a money order through Moneygram™ or Western Union™, then you will need to follow the process established by each company. To trace a money order through Western Union™, you will need to fill out a “Money Order Affidavit” and pay a fee.
In 5 years, this website has helped 673,192 visitors with 3,062,159 pages of useful and helpful information. So if you only have $200 gift cards you can only get a maximum money order of $800 and you will need to pay cash for the $0.70 money order fee.

In the US, for example, if you purchased your money order from the United States Postal Service (USPS) then you will need to go to a Post Office, fill out a Form 6401 and pay a processing fee to trace or track the money order. Once purchased, the money order is usually filled out like a check and can then be given to someone else for deposit.
The USPS provides money orders for a fairly low cost, and to trace a money order purchased through it, you will need to go to a Post Office. To trace a money order through Moneygram™, you will need to fill out a “Money Order Claim Card” form and attach a copy of your receipt or stub to the form. Company rep said to put name of person or business on the top line, your signature on the middle name, and YOUR address on the bottom line. I have myself called MoneyGram and has confirmed that it is YOUR ADDRESS THAT'S WRITTEN DOWN.
For Moneygram™ and Western Union™, the process is fairly similar and you will need to fill out an appropriate form and pay a fee.
Should a money order become lost or the receiving party claims it was never received or cashed, it may be necessary to trace a money order to determine its fate.
You will also need to pay a fee for the trace and the process can take between 30 and 65 days; if the money order has not been cashed, then the amount will be refunded to you.
Once the form is submitted, it can take up to four weeks to process and you will receive a refund or photocopy of the money order, depending on whether or not it has been cashed. Book Flights Credit CardsAdvertisements posted on  May 21, 2014 by mightytravels Which banks accept Money Order deposits via a smartphone app? In case you lose a blank money order (not filled anywhere), anyone can pick it up and fill it out in their name and to whomever they wish. Address (according to company rep) is not optional, and signifies the name and address of whoever bought the money order (you).

Please link to content that you find useful on this website on your own website, forum or blog! In any situation, this process will typically only trace a money order to see if it has been cashed, and may not directly refund you the value of the money order.
No matter where you purchased your money order, you should always keep your receipt and your copy of, or stub from, the money order.
This can take several weeks and you will usually receive an indication of whether the money order has been cashed and a photocopy of the front and back of the cashed money order. So it is recommended that you fill out the "pay to the order of" and "purchaser" lines as soon as you purchase a large money order. You can also comment on this page below, or contact me to ask a question or suggest a topic for me to research. More money order purchases in a single day may trigger a Suspicious Activity Report by Walmart.
There is a user-editable Wiki available on my website, as well as a Forum that you can contribute to.
I was a very confused about the address line and if I should put the persons address, it was going to or mine. He then called the money gram and they gave them the correct information which was wrongly stated on the money gram. I did a Google search on how to fill out your money order and was shocked to see it was stated as being confusing!

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