It is important to note that much of the cost of the project is going to depend on how elaborate or simple you make your bar and the area around it. You may also have to spend money getting electric and water running to your bar area.  These expenses can be minimized if you keep the bar simple, but you may need to hire a professional for these jobs.
To keep expenses down, you can look through classified ads to find high quality items to use.  You can pull out all the stops if your budget allows it, but you can make a great wet bar without spending too much money. In most cases, people are going to want to create their own bar.  It is a sense of accomplishment and it saves you a lot of money. Once these important steps are done, you simply need to worry about painting or decorating the walls and doing something with the floors.  You really only have to put enough labor into the process as you feel is necessary. If you choose to do the more intensive work yourself, you will need the right equipment.  The tools you will need will vary based upon how much work is required. The biggest benefit of a wet bar is that you get the bar atmosphere and enjoy having some drinks without worrying about getting home safely.  It can also be a great way to entertain friends and family.
Stock your basement bar with fruit juices, snacks and soft drinks to make it a great place for your kids to socialize with their friends. Finally, you may find that adding a bar to your basement will help add value to your home in the eyes of potential buyers when and if it comes time to sell your house.  Men especially will be drawn to a wet bar as the ideal accessory for a great man cave! This article was written by Brian Potter, a well-known Atlanta handyman who writes regularly on home improvement, interior design, exterior renovation, remodeling, home construction, gadget repair and other relevant issues.

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