When you need an icon or symbol, like a lightning bolt or checkmark, it’s sometimes hard to navigate the different Wingdings and Webdings fonts. So I created this handy printable cheat sheet for an at-a-glance view of all available symbols. If anyone else does, please post and I’ll update the character map to include those additional wingdings.
Hey I’m trying to translate a sentence I received in webdings but there is one symbol I cant seem to find. You could totally create this on the computer and probably even find a cute template to print out on Pinterest, but I thought hand writing the items was a nice touch!
Finding ideas for content then leads to the resource intensive process of creating, publishing and promoting  that content. Do all four well and you are on your way to producing advocates and ambassadors on Facebook, Twitter , Google+ and other platforms that will spread and share your content for free. The rise of Pinterest and Instagram has fed the desire and demand for beautiful imagery and high definition photos. The problem that most companies and bloggers have is finding the inspiration to come up with the different types of content and information that keeps the blog fresh, the Twitter stream pumping and the Facebook page flowing. It is sad but true but most people prefer to hear bad news or know about things that they shouldn’t be doing or avoiding. The last two years has seen the rise of information that presents complex data and information with a combination of text and images.
Infographics is a media that has a propensity to get shared on Pinterest and passed around on Twitter. It never ceases to surprise me the appetite for simple instructions that take people by the hand and shows them where to start and the steps along the way.
Provide research backed facts wrapped up in a well structured article whether it is a singular or multiple source and they are printed off (or emailed) and put in front of the managers and CEO’s eyeballs. When  creating a content you can share your story and ideas many ways but as online video now streams easily on the high speed internet it needs to be included in your content marketing mix. Slideshare is the YouTube for Powerpoint presentations.It is often underestimated as a means of making your content accessible and attractive. In the last year I have used it more extensively and views of my Slideshare account are now averaging from 25,000 to 35,000 views a month and total views are now over 330,000. People love to know who or what is on top in almost any category or sector that you care to name.
Everyone is looking for better ways,tools and apps that make life easier in what is sometimes seen as a complicated web world. Content that outlines the latest statistics and facts are always an option that produces clicks and shares. Want to Learn More About How to Create Compelling Content that Your Audience Wants to Read and Share? My book – Blogging the Smart Way “How to Create and Market a Killer Blog with Social Media” – will show you how.
I feel each numbered post creates order in my reader’s minds, and with this pleasing order established I get a ton more clicks.
These are all well and good Jeff, some good reminders for when we’re stumped for ideas, myself included.

Those 20 tips are from my own experience which is facilitated by the readers responses, sharing metrics and observations by my readers. Another great way to share your content, create engagement AND stimulate people to share is by creating quizzes or assessments around your topic. I think we need to look at the basics first: #21 Spell check your content to be taken seriously. I write a lot about the delusion that accomplishing your goals will make you happy, but I will say with confidence that a focused life, one in which your efforts are spent doing the right things well, and skipping most of the rest, links to freedom. If you have trouble turning people down, I’ve been studying responses from people who are better at this than I. The Pilot Fire Simple System for Everything is designed so you explore all the roles you play in life and learn how to be your best in each one. If you want to lead a truly remarkable life, drop most of your roles, get just good-enough at the roles you absolutely must play, choose the one or two you are most passionate about, and become better at them than anyone else you know.
I’ve spent an entire day trying different ways to do what used to be a snap with older versions of Word. I meant translate the title and add a small explanation saying that these are fonts, and where it works for beginners.
I wrote them on a piece of paper first to make sure that I had just the right ones before writing them on my cards. So I went to work writing on my labels that I cut to fit the card size, then wrote my love messages in a few different colored markers in the order I wanted them presented. Solving this problem is an integral part of your social media marketing strategy that meets the voracious demands of an information hungry world that is looking for content titillation is never ending. Content about photography is irrelevant to the fashionistas and articles on fishing will not be read by the techies.
The reality is that in a time poor world giving people a list of things to do or 10 tips for creating a great video are the types of headlines and article that people click on. Package it up and serve it to your readers. You have saved them time and effort by putting all that information in one place. Provide a multiple list of case studies and it is lapped up and shared by your advocates on the social web. In this frenzy of informing it is often forgotten to tap into the power of content that is just as relevant in 2 years time as it is today.
It provides emtional impact and they get shared on Facebook more than any other content type. It can be a direct to camera video, a video capturing your screen (such as the Camtasia software) or it can be sourcing videos from YouTube that enhance your story. This content adds enormous value to your readers and great content creation is always about adding value. Use them to build your email lists by acquiring a name and email for the privilege of accessing an eBook that offers valuable information. I show you how to create and build a blog that rocks and grow tribes, fans and followers on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. That’s correct – I’m a terrible writer and I’m going to teach you how to improve your content writing efforts.
The blog is like a continual change and growth experience for me, fed by global feedback driven by social networks.

People really appreciate it when you lead them by the hand and show them the steps from A to Z.
I use an old computer that does not support any video program I have tried, so I turned to Powerpoint to make a slideshow, only to find it would not load up to youtube! In contrast, most of us flail around with a bunch of piddly chores and half-assed efforts at too many scattered goals. A renowned Researcher, he is also an excellent Teacher, Parent, and Entrepreneur. Visiting him is always a pleasure because his home is calm and his weekends are generally unscheduled, and spontaneity is abundant.
I thought about things I loved about the other person (that is the title after all), characteristics about them, things we did together, things that cracked me up, things they loved, things others love about them, special memories we shared, etc.
They need to be thrown a diet of content that keeps readers and viewers coming back for more.
Packaging and chunking it down tells your reader you aren’t wasting tjeir time and it is easy to read and view. It is content that can be continued to be promoted and shared with your readers for a long time. A tool that helps me do this is Snagit and it is now an indispensable part of my content creation and optimising toolkit. You can take your articles, research papers and blog posts and put them into a Powerpoint that can then be uploaded to Slideshare. Not only produce content that is a podcast but take your old articles and turn them into podacsts. It also includes dozens of tips to create contagious content that begs to be shared and tempts people to link to your website and blog.
Content (and its SEO juju) is to be a gateway to building relationships, developing brands – with the end-game being to support the business in meaningful ways, ways that help the business grow, meet its objectives. Much of his time is extremely busy and focussed, but he makes sure to also block out plenty of time when he has no obligations. Add a dose of the latest 4G mobile networks and the content is delivered at blistering speeds. Create content that is a framework or covers first principles and you will give it longevity and endurance. As a locus of myriad requests and opportunities, making free time a top priority forces him to turn down most of them.
If remarkable accomplishments can be quantified as going the full 100% in the right direction, these experts use 20% of the effort and time to accomplish 80% of a task, which is more than enough to decide whether to continue. I think getting older helps – there is a knowledge of not having all the time in the world anymore. This media can be downloaded and listened to as people drive, commute and sit on a park bench.
We have had some luck with eBooks for email collection as an offer promoted through a call to action.
This gives them a huge edge when they decide to pursue the final 20%, usually the most difficult part that most people never get to.

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