Diehard YouTube fans will know this next social media star as one hell of a force to be reckoned with. We talked to Megan Batoon about how she got into the world of dance, why she decided to launch a style blog, and where she hopes to take her career in the next few years.
With the upcoming elections upon us, you might be debating between which political candidate to choose. Megan Batoon is an accomplished dancer, actress, host, entrepreneur, and YouTube personality with over 500,000 subscribers and 37 million views.
Before then, I was an all-star cheerleader and my coach actually convinced me to try a dance class.

When I realized you could make videos about anything, it became a creative outlet for whatever pops up in my mind that I think could either make people laugh or help others. When I was on an internet reality show, I gained a substantial amount of eyeballs that didn’t come for dance. I loved dance as soon as I took my first class, but when I started creating choreography and realizing the depth of art and intelligence you can intertwine with music, that was a wrap for me. I started implementing sketch comedy into the dance concept videos to do two things I loved while keeping both audiences interested until they became one. But beyond those accomplishments, you can catch her as a star of Making Moves, available only on Fullscreen.

She may have gotten her start in the film Step Up Revolution, but since then there’s been no stopping her.

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