Technically you can start at any level within the hierarchy on your journey to making money online, however, most people who are truly noobs tend to be overwhelmed. It’s mostly out of blissful ignorance, although I suspect some are just prone to taking baby steps. It’s a good primer to understand what a grind affiliate marketing can be, which is where a lot of them will end up one day. In fact, when I was 16 years old – I joined PTR email sites, and clicked links in emails for pennies.
Looking back, I do wonder if I’d be where I am today if I didn’t go through that grind, and of course network with all those budding entrepreneurs.
10-15 years ago, when you typed in “make money online” into a search engine, you would get a barrage of these sites. It shouldn’t be surprising that some people at the top of the food chain now got their feet wet opening emails for pennies. How to start: Read a few threads on Reddit of people pining over the non-payment of a few bucks, and be thankful you read this mini-guide (and will never take part in that racket).
This is only 1 short level above the get paid to click crowd, working for dimes and quarters at sites like mturk. You will never make more than minimum wage at one of these sites, and you will be working like a dog. What success looks like: Moving on to freelancing to provide a specific service to people with budgets. Fiverr (and any knock-off of it) is on a level all of it’s own now, as it’s above the dimes and nickels of the microworkers, and still lower than the next level up.
There are a ton of different ways you can make money on Fiverr, and it’s good for a few extra bucks once you get going.
If you are just starting out making money online and have a skill in demand that won’t take you long to perform, this could be an option. Be forewarned: This site has massive competition so even though there is huge traffic, you need to fight for it. How to start: Even though there are tons of gig sites, Fiverr is the original and the only one worth checking out.
What success looks like: Having a popular gig(s) with many reviews, with an entry level gig for $5 with multiple upsells at different price points. Some of the most common things to freelance online: Design work, content writing, programming, PA work, etc. Don’t limit yourself though – whatever you are good at can be turned into a freelance position. The work: Similar to the gigs above, whatever you are good at can be your ticket in freelancing as well.
The pay: Pay for freelancers tends to be a lot better than any of the previously mentioned levels. How to start: First of all you need to have the skill you’re going to provide, and decide where you’re going to find customers. What success looks like: Freedom, lots of good clients (or just a few high-paying ones), and waking up doing what you love everyday. The shareholders or sole owner can definitely exit for a nice payday if they have developed a large client base. The work: Selling internet marketing services to businesses on a retainer, per project, or per hour basis. How to start: Please do not start an internet marketing agency unless you’re actually an expert, because it won’t work for long.
Step 4: Provide great services to your clients, improve their bottom line, and you’ll have a customer for life. What success looks like: Success looks like a high profit margin, nice offices around the world, 100’s or 1000’s of great employees, and plenty of free time due to your expert delegating. There are 3 main types of affiliates, and of course many fall into all of these categories: Organic, Paid and E-mail. What success looks like: Success is defined personally, but success to me for an affiliate means passive income, financial freedom and plenty of free time. Most people who make a full-time income from affiliate marketing are not super affiliates, as to get to that level you need to be doing 7 figures in commission a year.
The network makes money by taking a % from every sale driven by affiliates, and may also make a kickback from the merchant themselves. The network acts as an intermediary between the affiliate and a merchant, providing protection to both parties in various ways (mostly fraud protection for the merchant, and making sure you get paid as an affiliate). What success looks like: Being known as a trusted network that gets the best offers and has it’s affiliates best interest in mind. Being a merchant in this space isn’t easy, but it is simple to setup an affiliate program if your company already sells things online. Being an amazing product or service in the first place, combined with a high payout to affiliates, will naturally attract them.
Typically, affiliate marketing is only one avenue of revenue for online companies, however, some offers are made specifically to be run by affiliates. The pay: Just like any other online business, you can fall flat on your face or strike it rich. How to start: This is far too advanced to just jump into without knowing what you are doing. A consultant (SEO consultant, marketing consultant, etc.) charges high fees and works on their own schedule.
They are high up on the hierarchy simply because they can command high rates by using their knowledge and experience, without ever being held down by a 9-5 or boss.
How to start: If you actually can demonstrate that you have the knowledge required to help another business succeed online, offer a free consultation. What success looks like: Being highly sought after even when you continually raise your rates due to demand.
The Guru is pretty high up in the chain of making money online, though he or she catches a lot of flack from the general affiliates underneath them.
Gurus are the ones who sell courses on how to make money online (Ryan Deiss), how to get motivated (Tony Robbins), how to get super fit (pick one of the Youtube Ads fitness gurus), etc. A guru is different than a super affiliate because they are putting themselves out there with their main business income being training courses,  product launches, 1 on 1 and group coaching, etc. Also falling into this level are genuine Youtube Stars, who sometimes run channels earning $1 million in sponsorships and ad revenue a year. How to start: You can’t just start up as a guru unless you are already an expert at something.
What success looks like: Hitting “send” in your e-mail provider, taking a nap on the beach and waking up to thousands of dollars in sales or affiliate commissions.
In fact, a super affiliate has so much traffic that they can make or break another corporation’s month by deciding to run traffic with them or not.
A super affiliate is traditionally not referring to the big players on the paid traffic side, who are running some sort of arbitrage or temporary campaigns.
A true super affiliate has a traffic source completely owned, meaning all campaigns are run at insanely high profit margins. When I launch my product later this year called “Social Selling”, I’m going to hit up Ryan to be my affiliate.
Many sites who sell traffic on a CPM basis could become super affiliates with the right consultant on board. The work: Like a normal affiliate but with much bigger moves, larger investments, huge scaling, etc.
I think you will find most entrepreneurs making money online fall into one of the above levels.
There are more advanced types of companies as well, like traffic brokers, mobile traffic companies, etc.
Perhaps there can be a part 2 of this article that highlights the fringe methods of making money online. Pokemon GO is the latest mobile augmented reality game craze that gained its stardom overnight.
If you are not too into Uber or prefer catching Pokemon with a group of people, this Pokemon catching bus is for you.
All of the new stories, blogs, and social media posts you see need photos to cover all the Pokemon GO action. Others have cashed in on this gaming craze by offering their babysitting and pet walking or pet sitting services to friends and relatives for a nominal fee. With all the walking around that is required for playing the Pokemon GO game, some entrepreneurs have been spending their time making premium customized walking sticks. Although this part has not happened as of yet, the Pokemon GO creators have announced that it will become possible in the near future.
Some people are going a step further than the Uber cars or bus that drive around trying to catch Pokemon, Pokemon GO Tours are given by people claiming they know where the Pokemon are, where the Poke stops are, where the secret Pokemon lairs are, and trips to gyms. Apparently, in some areas, Pokemon GO trainers can actually be placing themselves in danger.
If you’re looking for how to make money fast, there are some options out there for you. One great way to get some cash if you’re in a tight spot is to try donating your plasma.
Generally, depending on your body weight, you will get up to 50 dollars and can do that twice a week or so. When looking to make some cash when it’s needed, think about selling your things online. Whatever you do, make sure you’re honest with customers and always ship when you say you will to get great feedback. Another quick way to figure out how to make money fast would be to call a company to see if they can give you a loan.
One of the great things about making money on the internet is that you can usually work on the schedule that you want. It is important to realize that no matter what you choose to do in order to get some money online that you will have to set aside time for it and stick to your schedule.
If you enjoy taking surveys, you may also be interested in signing up for opportunities that will come along in the future.
Before you sign up with any of the survey sites, you may want to do a bit of investigating to be sure that they have a decent reputation within the community of work at home folks. Speaking of which, when looking into any business or product online, you should always remember to consider the source of overly positive or negative commentary. Although it is important to know you are placing your trust with a reputable company, you also need to be realistic and focus on what people did not like. As with survey companies, there are also many reputable companies online that you can work for as a writer. One fairly new option available to you that will work if you own a vehicle is to become a driver for Uber. Depending on how busy your city is and the number of drivers that are working, you may find this to be a quite lucrative side venture. However, you have plenty of opportunities that do not require you to leave your home at all that will still get you some cash fast. Another task you might consider that can be performed online or in person is mystery shopping. It’s always a smart thing to ask family members and friends if they need some work done around their homes.
Think about what you do well and then join a freelancing site or put an ad in the classifieds telling people you can help them out. You now are aware of how to make money fast, and you’ll now be able to come up with some cash when money is tight. The purpose of this time limit is to ensure that registration is available to as many people as possible.
McAfee Secure sites help keep you safe from identity theft, card fraud, spyware, spam, viruses and online scams. The tickets, ticket quantity or date and time you've requested are no longer available, due to previous sales. Sorry, your requested ticket quantity exceeds the number provided by your promotional code. Sorry, you need to enable javascript to place an order.How do I enable JavaScript on my computer? We couldn't process your order because you have this event open on multiple tabs in your browser.
How would you like to learn how to build a business from scratch using the latest online marketing strategies?

The formula for creating a business from scratch and using the internet to sell your products, tools and services. How you can get off the ground quickly by tapping into NEW platforms, where all the products & marketing are done for you. How to flood your business with sales every single day from automated traffic that converts leads into sales while you sleep.
How to tie everything together, and walk out the room with a bullet-proof plan to hit your online business goals in 2016.
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Greg Anderson is a well-known underground Internet Marketer that has managed to make a fortune within the Mobile Market.
He states that he wanted to pay it forward to communities that have been exposed to a number of scammers and this is the reason as to why he released the Mobile Marketing software known as the “Mobile Money Code” for the low price of only $47. However, it has been said that Anderson will only sell 300 copies at this discounted price. Today, Anderson enjoys complete financial freedom and enjoys his time with his wife in various locations across the US. Before the release of the Mobile Money Code, Anderson chose 50 individuals to test this software. Due to the reality of the extensive range of online scams, it is no wonder that people who buy into software such as the Mobile Money Code want to ensure they are spending their time and money on a product that is legit. Mobile Money Code is described as a type of program that was created to assist in the setup of various mobile sites for the purpose of promoting affiliate products.
Currently, we are in what is known as the Mobile Revolution and many clever entrepreneurs have capitalized on these advantages and are in the process of making tons of money.  By clever, this does not necessarily mean types of programming or web development people but rather that these individuals have found a simplified path that leads them to exponential riches. To put things in to perspective, you need to think about the amount of people that you already know that don’t use their mobile devices for the purpose of accessing the Internet. However, when it comes to a program such as the Mobile Money Code, it is unadvisable to wait too long to make a decision on whether to buy the product. The contributing factor as to why this program is different is because around 80% of the other types of “make money online” training programs are still using outdated methods. To make your own mobile website is very easy and you won’t require any type of experience to get going. Other benefits include the traffic-getting techniques that make sure that any of your websites will be viewed by thousands or millions of consumers that are ready to buy. Now repeat steps one to three for a second time and you can access the Mobile Money Code for only $19.
While that is true when it comes to methods, an individual who starts the journey of making money online will fall into 1 of 11 levels of making money online’s hierarchy. Nevertheless, 95% of people with some sort of online income fall somewhere on this hierarchy at any given time. There is nothing wrong with starting at one of the lower levels, as long as you move up to a higher level as fast as possible. The only reason these things are still alive is because members continually exaggerate their success to build referrals. People will slave away for hours just to make $8 taking surveys and clicking advertisements. I would highly suggest staying far away from these types of sites unless you live in a country where the USD is actually worth much more.
The competition is extremely strong, and I wouldn’t recommend it unless you are in a country where the USD is worth exponentially more than your currency. You need to build a customer base with $5 entry gigs, and then upsell hard once you have a few positive ratings.
There are dozens of categories on Fiverr, so you can browse them for inspiration, or just go ahead with a unique idea. Can earn thousands a month if done right, however, the vast majority of sellers on Fiverr will not see that type of success. There are hundreds of different services you could provide, and as long as there is enough demand, you can succeed.
You can find them on online freelancing sites, forums, or even start knocking on doors in the real world. The typical services are SEO, social media, content marketing, outreach, design and many others along those lines. There are bottom of the barrel SEO agencies who charge $100 a month, while somebody like me charges $300 an hour. The common denominator is that affiliates send traffic to the merchant and get a cut for all successful sales or leads (depending on the agreement). That being said, in it’s most simplest form, affiliate marketing is sending traffic to various offers with the purpose to get paid per lead or per sale. Most people give up before their first $1000 is realized, others make 5 figures a day on autopilot.
After a certain point, you can graduate to the top of the totem pole directly from being an affiliate. Rather than an in-house affiliate program, many companies join an affiliate network where hundreds of different companies can be promoted from within the same dashboard. A network is not necessarily “above” all affiliates in the hierarchy, as you will see once you get to the top of the list.
The first is attracting affiliates in the first place, and the second is securing deals with merchants. It is a volume game, however, and you need big players (super affiliates) to push your numbers up.
To try to jump into being a network owner without massive experience and financial backing is just plain daft. They are higher in the hierarchy than a normal affiliate or a network, because they are receiving free marketing and sales promotion without paying anyone a salary. To attract super affiliates and big players you will have to do some additional outreach campaigns.
They are paid in most cases for giving reports, training, scenario forecasting, strategy, etc. Companies are paying big money to talk to these digital marketing consultants, so they are generally treated with a high level of respect by whoever they are dealing with internally. Specializing can help if you are just starting out, ie (SEO Consulting, Social Media Consulting, etc.). The term itself is old school and tongue in cheek – it simply means an affiliate with massive volume of sales. Super affiliates are usually those with massive authority websites in their niche, even bigger massive sites (PC mag), or massive e-mail lists (Ryan Deiss: a super affiliate and a guru). Believe me – testing your own campaigns on your own traffic source will make you more money than selling the traffic to other people doing the same. There are countless sites that provide a service with a fee-based income model, and of course several new and emerging markets to make money online.
A veteran expert in the SEO and Social Media space, he has re-emerged from the underground with new insights, advice and guidance. This innovative new game gets you off the couch and moving around because you have to be physically near the Pokemon in order to catch it. In New York, this bus id painted like a Pikachu and drives around all day and night so you can catch Pokemon.
Individuals post on the website and offer all the services you may need to purchase while playing Pokemon GO, including selling hacks and accounts.
They are advertising Pokestops that are located in or right near their establishments, Some places are offering discounted food or beverages to get you in the door.
Go to the Etsy website, type in Pokemon GO and you will find a full range of Pokemon GO handmade accessories and gifts. She and her team have organized to sell lemonade and potato chips outside her sisters home. If you are lucky enough to have a Pokestop at your house or near your house, make some extra money by selling your old things that you don’t want or need anymore. These smart phones have batteries in them that don’t last forever and need to be charged. People are scoping out parks, businesses, and other Pokestops just waiting to get a picture or video of all the action.
If the local businesses I the area are not up on this latest game craze, there are people that are charging a small fee to become Pokemon GO business coaches. One savvy user has created an account that he loans out in order to give international players the opportunity to create their own account and play.
They will take you to all these places, as promised, for a fee averaging about $20 per hour. It has been reported that some people have been robbed or jumped for their iPhones while trying to catch Pokemon in well known areas such as battle arenas. In most major cities there are places where you can go in and then wait while they collect the plasma. You can get on an online auction website and make some good money by selling what you can and also just finding things at places like thrift shops that you can sell for a profit after buying them.
If you’re not able to run your business right, then you could end up with bad feedback attached to your business and that will prevent you from ever selling again on that account. This means that if you have other demands in your life, you can schedule this extra activity around them. There are tons of websites out there that will pay you for your opinion on various matters. Some of the survey sites will offer you 50 dollars or more to test certain products and provide your opinion.
For instance, if you are looking at a review for a survey company and someone has left a poor review because the product caused them to have an allergic reaction, that is not relevant. You have likely heard about this service, which allows regular people such as yourself to provide transport to strangers in exchange for money. If you are comfortable with using a computer, you may consider becoming a user interface tester. You will need to be comfortable speaking to your webcam while going through a series of tasks on a website.
There are tasks available in cities around the world for people to rate the goods and service received at a local chain facility.
You can probably find someone that’s too busy to clean or do their yard work that has a little bit of money to give to you.
Remember who helps you out and make sure that when they need help later on you give them a hand as a thank you for helping you in the past. For instance, if you know how to work on computers, you can easily get people to pay you money to help them get viruses off or take care of any problem you’re able to fix.
Make it a point to use the great tips here to assist you and you’ll be on your way to getting what you need when you need it most.
Please enter a quantity of 1 or more next to the type or types of tickets you would like to purchase. Money for this man is no longer an important priority and he has a strong belief in Karma and decided to recently to reveal who he is to the community of Internet Marketing. Greg is one of the very first individuals to access the mobile markets and this resulted in him learning the tricks needed to become successful in this particular niche. The results revealed that every single one of these testers made money and the people in the top 5 were managing to bring in more than 10K daily. In addition, you can obtain a full refund from ClickSure within the 60 day period once you have decided that you have not being able to achieve satisfactory results. For example these products can come from sites such as Amazon, ClickBank, ClickSure and many more. Today, there are millions of individuals that now access the web using mobile devices such as tablets or smart phones.
For instance, if your website is unable to load or loads slowly on an Android or iPhone, you won’t be making any money because the person loading the page will leave immediately.
This will result in you making money from the word go, because the offers you are providing are highly sought after products. You will now land on the page that allows you to access this amazing product at an incredible price. Market indices are shown in real time, except for the DJIA, which is delayed by two minutes. Mostly people first see them in a comment section of a large media site in the form of spam, or through paid ads. GPT sites are not a legitimate way of making money online, and should be avoided at all costs.

You can put gigs up to $100 each on this site, and common upsells include higher quality versions of the same work, more time put into a design, rush orders, etc.
Some networks also run internal campaigns, though I have to attest that that could be viewed at as conflicting interests.
It is a cut-thorat industry and without connections or huge money backing you, there is no point in starting one. Affiliates are generally only 1 avenue of their marketing efforts, and likely spend great deals of money on other forms of online advertising. The super affiliate is still higher on the hierarchy than a merchant because the super affiliate can literally send 7 figures worth of business their way, sometimes in a month. Make sure your offer actually converts before trying to attract an affiliate team, or they will back off as fast as you approached them. That is part of it, for sure – but the companies themselves are desperate for super affiliates and will wine and dine them in the hopes of a lasting business relationship. You need to do good marketing of your blog as well.Blogging is considered a new way of earning online and people know a very few ways of earning via blogging. They are then selling the unique photos by contacting local news stations, selling to stock photography sited, and uploading them to the live news marketplace at Alamy. They explain the game, what it is, how it works, and how businesses can benefit and make money the phenomenon. Walking sticks can sell anywhere from $8 to $60 depending on the quality and design of the handcrafted walking stick. With the amount of people that are already actively playing the game, this will be an excellent way to advertise while people are on the go. However, for those that do have a job and will have a way to get the money back to the company, this can help in a tight spot. You can use these chances to make some beer money for the weekend, pay for your car repairs or even as a steady source of additional income. Whether you have a regular job, kids, educational obligations or other commitments, you can give them your full attention and focus on your extra money making efforts during the other parts of your day.
Otherwise, it will be difficult to maintain your focus and you may find it incredibly challenging to make the money you need.
Additionally, you should put your phone on vibrate and tell people that you will not be available for a period of time. The amount will depend on the company but there are several where you can make enough money for the weekend in just a couple of hours.
Now, you will not be able to do as many of these as the lower paying ones, but they are an excellent way to make money fast online. Unfortunately, unscrupulous businesses even pay for poor competitor reviews to be posted online.
If you have in-depth knowledge in a specialized field, you may be able to make quite a high wage if it is in demand. This is a good way to use articles that were rejected on one of the writing brokerage sites. You can pick up extra cash delivering medications and food to people who cannot get away from home. Fast food, grocery stores and gas stations all want to know if their employees are fulfilling their jobs correctly. Some of these jobs take place on the telephone, quite often to request a quote or specific information.
His reason for this is to filter out and stop scammers who reside in the third world countries.
Anderson states that this Mobile Money Code can be compared to a machine that prints money and it works. In addition, it is free when you decided to register with any of these types of affiliate networks. In fact people are around 5 times more likely to use the Internet through a mobile device compared to the traditional computers or laptops.
One of the best reasons to invest in the Mobile Money Code is that just about any person can easily learn about how they too can cash in on the mobile revolution. But if you decide to invest now, you still have a chance to get ahead of the game along with more chances to find success. When you register with the Mobile Money Code you already have an advantage because you are offered with Mobile Site templates and examples that you can easily implement immediately. The people who promote the product or services in the affiliate program are called publishers or affiliates.
Owning huge amount of traffic through properties you own, leading to massive passive income.
Google Adsense is one of the most common way and most heard way of earning online with blogging.
I was having coffee at a local coffee shop with my mom and sister a few days ago when my sister suddenly got all excited and practically jumped out of her chair.
You have to walk around or drive somewhere to find them (please don’t lay and drive at the same time). Uber-for-Pokemon GO offers a way to avoid the car accidents people have been getting into while trying to catch Pokemon, as well as a way to avoid walking for miles searching for them. The fee for egg hatching is $2 for a 2 kilometer egg, $5 for a 5 kilometer egg, and $10 for a 10 kilometer egg. You can also request an account at a certain level and the Ebay seller will customize an account for you. Another innovative way people are making money from Pokemon Go is by setting up recharge stations. The Pokemon GO coach also teaches how a business can place and lure and the explains the reasons why they should They can also help bring local businesses together to create scavenger hunts and attract lots of patrons from all over. Or, for those that are into Pokemon GO, they are offering to act as a chaperone and take their friends’ kids Pokemon hunting for their parents. Setting up a table near a Pokestop is the fastest way to sell these, as well as on online websites or word of mouth.
This is not recommended if you’re able to make money in any other way because you actually lose a little money when you pay a loan back. An investment of two or three hours for a large Amazon gift card certainly could be a great way to spend your time! Similarly, if a review is glowing but the person has only went through the sign up process and not yet done anything, it should be ignored. Sometimes, you may want to wait until you have reached your goal amount to avoid the temptation of spending the money elsewhere. You may need to alter it but if the client did not pay for it, you still own it and should make an effort to make money from the time you invested in writing it. You can make some extra cash pretty quickly doing this and can take care of your own errands in between rides. As the developers and company are working on a new site or upgrading an old one, it is important that everyday people are comfortable with it.
Although you will not become rich mystery shopping, you can add it to your sources of income to help fill your bank account.
This is also why he has also offered a 60 day money back guarantee for customers that are unable to see results.
But you will be surprised to know many other new and better ways of earning.Ads are the best way of earning but it depends how you actually advertise and from whom you take the assignment of advertisement. There is one Uber driver in New York that is offering to drive Pokemon GO players around to catch Pokemon.
They can then set up a certain Pokemon right there in front of their business so when people catch the Pokemon in a ball, they will then enter your business and spend some money. Fees being charged are currently ranging anywhere from $25 to $100 for only 30 to 60 minutes of work.
The fee is $20 per hour for one person, but if you bring someone with you it’s only $17 an hour each. There is another option available for $199 that promises you won’t get caught, A third hack costs $20 and promises unlimited Pokeballs.
You can either run an extension cord from your house or set up one or several portable power banks. If you take advantage of the Pokemon GO craze for this type of job, you may even score some free food or a free drink or two. The chaperone will make money going Pokemon hunting while the parents get a little break to relax, run errands, or spend some quality time together without the kids.
Players can charge their phones, buy a walking stick, and maybe a drink or snack all in the same place. You can either go for direct advertisement where the client will ask you to give back link to his or her website in the content and he will pay you for that. The other way is to get associated with some ad firm like infolinks who will pay you on the basis of link tracing and link views.Both the ways are good but the first way is more better where you get the direct link and you do not have to deal with intermediates. Chicago Mercantile Association: Certain market data is the property of Chicago Mercantile Exchange Inc. You apply for displaying their ads on your blog and once approved you get paid for every click and every views on that ad displaying on your blog. Services like Google Adsense, yahoo ads, bing ads are better because they pay you more than others but they not approve all the requests so you have to be lucky and good in blogging to get these ads on your blogs. You need to work on these and once you start making money out of this, you will be getting hands on some good amount. Your blog has many locations which can be used to display ads like the header, footer, sidebar, between the content as well. You can sell these locations for advertisements and ask the advertiser to purchase these locations for some rental. The good thing is that you do not have to just rely on those ads to make money out of your blog. You can write your own content and just in between you can give a reference to some other website. This way you are giving a valuable backlink to that website owner and also diverting some traffic to his website. You can be contacted by Product Company to review their product and write down your experience on your blog so that the readers get an insight about the product. This way they get a wider audience to reach out to and also get good reviews of their product on internet market. Also they will give you a sample product to use because you have to write a review after using it. You own a blog and with blog you have some social media handles as well like the facebook page where you share your blog updates, twitter account with huge followers on you blog tweets, Instagram account of your blog and similarly many more. You have lots of people who follow you, your blog and likes your blog so when you tell them something on these social media channels then it reaches to many people who would spread it more. So companies pay you to tweet on those account, share on those fb pages, and display on such instagram accounts.
Generally people do not spend on submitting guest post, but if you own some really good blog then you can get that as well. That creates a good money if you write something good. Sponsored posting:-Are you doing sponsored post? The price of your blog is usually decided on various parameters like daily traffic on your blog, alexa ranking, moz ranking, backlinking, SEO on the blog, Blog looks and appearance, number of posts published on the blog, domain authority, domain name age, blog niche etc. So you need to be good in many of these things to get a good price for your blog.Most of the blogs get almost more than 50k if they have a 1 year domain age with more than 150 posts and alexa ranking of near to 10 lakh.
Now you can decide your blog price.  So now you know what all different ways you can choose from to earn from your blog. This is the best part of online blogging and marketing.Now it is your turn to share your views and opinions with us in the comment section below. Latest posts by Anurag (see all) Benefits and Advantages of using wordpress for every type of blogger - August 10, 2016 Reasons why you should not do Blogging, find out your Reason. Tips that can Earn Money for You Get more stuff like this in your inboxSubscribe to our mailing list and get interesting stuff and updates to your email inbox. We give career related guidance as well and some time we talk about technology and gadgets as well.Archives Select Month August 2016 July 2016 June 2016 May 2016 April 2016 February 2016 January 2016 December 2015 November 2015 October 2015 September 2015 August 2015 July 2015 June 2015 May 2015 April 2015 March 2015 February 2015 January 2015 December 2014 November 2014 October 2014 September 2014 June 2014 May 2014 April 2014 March 2014 February 2014 January 2014 December 2013 You can also do guest blogging with us. Know the advantages of doing guest blogging with usEmail Subscription Email Subscription Subscribe Posts RSS Comments RSS Disclaimer: If you are looking for something that can change your life over night then my friend you are at the wrong place. We give only the solutions that can take you to the right path and the results will come out after you have put some efforts into it.

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