Pure Gym London Greenwich is located on Greenwich High Road and has been carefully designed to help you reach your health & fitness goals - whether you are a gym pro, or completely new to exercise.
We are extremely passionate about fitness at Pure Gym, which is why we focus on the thing that matters - the kit! We also have a fantastic class timetable, which includes a fantastic selection of workshops and classes, such as spin, circuits and abs & toning.
We have carefully recruited the elite of the fitness industry for the London Greenwich gym, who are there to help you - whether you want to lose a bit of weight, develop your fitness for sports, transform your figure or simply improve your health. Pure Gym London Greenwich has been designed around modern living, providing you with the option of being able to come to our fitness club anytime of the day or night, before or after work or even on your lunch break, making it ideal for anyone who struggles to find the time to dedicate to their fitness.
Become a member Pure Gym London Greenwich now and don't worry if you already have a contract with a gym, we can allow you to pause the beginning of your gym membership with us for up to three months until you are ready.
Thanks for contributing to GymBuzz, we truly appreciate it, and so do your fellow fitness enthusiasts! If you are on a shared computer and you are finished writing reviews for today, click here to log out! It is a good gym, with all its equipment and 24h availability, but the staff is not necessarily helpful. If items are left in the lockers it is our company policy that these are emptied and items are discarded however we will aim to return property to our members wherever possible. Well done Pure Gym for your skill in advertising and getting all of South East London to train at your gym, but you need to expand.
London Greenwich is a very popular gym, we have recently opened London Greenwich Movement with some members transferring over. Copyright 2014 © Terrence Higgins Trust is a registered charity in England and Wales (reg. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. If you find that you breathe better from one side of the nose to the other, then you may have a blocked nose to some degree. It is difficult to tolerate for many patients as the sensation can be unpleasant and it can affect their ability to exercise and function normally. These include rhinitis and sinusitis, deviated nasal septum, large adenoids, nasal valve collapse, septal perforation, tumours and other rare causes.
Rhinitis literally means inflammation of the nose and refers to the inside lining of the nose. The most common allergies causing rhinitis are pollen (hay fever), house dust mite and pets, most commonly cats. Symptoms of allergy in the nose are due to the immune system reacting to the allergen (the individual cause of the allergy). Rhinitis commonly occurs without an allergic cause and there is often no identifiable cause for the condition. Rhinitis medicamentosa is the name given to rhinitis that can occur due to the overuse of nasal decongestant sprays.
In some people, no cause for their persistent rhinitis is found and it is called idiopathic or vasomotor rhinitis.
The main form of treatment for this is a steroid nasal spray although sprays to reduce secretion from the nose and nasal douching are also used.
This can be indicated when medical treatment has failed or if the rhinitis is associated with sinusitis (see section on sinusitis) or large adenoids (see section on adenoids). The sinuses are air containing cavities situated in the cheeks, between the eyes and in the forehead. Sinusitis can be ‘acute’, for example, when associated with a cold or flu or ‘chronic’ when the condition is ongoing. As well as allergy tests the patient will require imaging of the sinuses to confirm the diagnosis. Surgery involves opening the drainage points from the sinuses to the nose and removing inflammed tissue.
Surgery is performed using small endoscopes that project an image of the inside of the nose and sinuses onto a television monitor allowing the surgeon to operate with fine instruments inside the nose using the monitor as a guide.

They can be associated with asthma and sensitivity to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Polyps are often removed during sinus surgery which is usually performed under general anaesthetic (patient asleep) as a day case. The nasal septum is made of bone and cartilage and the operation changes the shape by a combination of removing, moving and straightening bone and cartilage. This refers to a loss of support for the tissues of the roof and side wall of the nose causing collapse of the side wall when the patient breaths in through the nose. This can result from previous surgery or injury, can occur with advancing age or can be present with no obvious cause. This consists of using cartilage from either the inside of the nose or the ear to strengthen the area of collapse. The adenoid is situated at the back of the nose and is composed of lymphoid tissue similar to the tonsils. The Fleet Air Arm is an integral part of the Royal Navy operating a variety of different aircraft and deployed worldwide supporting UK defence and security interests.
All of our cookies are used to ensure the best user experience and some are essential for this website to operate correctly. We have sun beds, showers, spacious changing rooms & lockers all onsite, so there really is no excuse not to begin your new routine today!
After they`ve cut off all the locks in the women`s changing room and emptied the lockers, they supposedly bagged all the items, however they did lost my stuff. If you would like to discuss this further please contact us here at Pure Gym Member Services, we will liase with the the gym manager and try to help you.
You may find that club is less busy now or maybe would like to consider transferring to our new gym yourself. Your reply has been submitted successfully.It'll be checked and will appear on the site very shortly. Nearly three in 10 people accessing HIV-related care were aged 50 or over at the end of 2014 – compared with one in eight in 2003. We will examine you and assess if the septum or turbinates are blocking the free passage of air into the nose.
Cells in the lining of the nose release histamine and other chemicals when they come into contact with the allergen. These sprays are used to relieve a blocked nose and they reduce swelling inside the nose by causing blood vessels in the nose to constrict. They produce mucus which drains into the nose and can be regarded as extensions of the nose.
The aim of the surgery is to enable the sinuses to secrete mucus freely into the nose without obstruction and to allow the lining of the sinuses to become healthy. If they occur on one side only they require investigation to exclude cancer of the nose and sinuses although a polyp in one side of the nose is often benign and not cancerous. Polypectomy can be performed alone under local anaesthetic (patient awake) when the inside of the nose is numbed before surgery. You will either stay overnight or be discharged the morning after surgery depending on how well you are feeling. Depending on the degree of surgery on the internal nasal passages you will feel blocked for the first 1-2 weeks after the surgery and this will then gradually improve over the next four weeks. Your nose may bleed a little after the operation and this can sometimes continue for several days.
The surgery is not particularly painful although you may feel ‘under the weather’ due to postoperative nasal blockage and the effects of the anaesthetic. You will be given pain killers and sometimes antibiotics (if there are signs of infection or nasal packs or splints, see below, are used) to take home with you from the hospital.
You can use a decongestant spray (Otrivine or Sinex) for the first week after surgery if you are uncomfortable with nasal blockage.
Occasionally during septal surgery we insert plastic splints inside the nose to prevent scar tissue formation and support the nasal septum.
The inside of your nose may be swollen and contain dry blood and mucus after the surgery depending on the type of surgery that you have had.

Avoid physical exertion for 2 weeks after surgery and then gradually increase to your normal level of exercise. Our aim is that your expectations are realized and we will do everything that we can to achieve this.
It is normal to have a mild degree of movement of the side wall of the nose when breathing in through the nose. It can be caused by injury, previous surgery or cautery, drug use, inflammatory conditions and rarely cancer in the nose.
This is done by a combination of moving the existing lining inside the nose and grafting tissue to the septum in order to close the hole.
This tissue is used in infancy to develop the immune system against common bacteria and viruses.
The Fleet ir Arm is inherently flexible and Naval aircraft fulfil a wide variety of roles from counter-piracy and counter-narcotics operations at sea, to land based operations in Afghanistan and UK search and Rescue. In 2010, when little evidence existed, we partnered with Age UK and The Joseph Rowntree Foundation and published a report, A National Study of Ageing and HIV (50 Plus).
Some people have mild nose irritation which comes and goes and causes little trouble and others have severe symptoms causing discomfort, distress and difficulty carrying out daily activities. This causes inflammation in the nose with swelling, excess mucus production and irritation. However, with prolonged use they cause rebound nasal congestion which is more severe than the original swelling.
This consists of a course of tablets or injections which modify your immune system in order to prevent the allergic reaction from occurring. Polyps themselves are not actually sensitive and an instrument called a microdebrider can be used to detach the polyp and suction it out of the nose. If you go home on the day of surgery you will require a friend or relative to pick you up from the hospital and you will need to have someone with you at home for the first night.
We may insert nasal packs to control bleeding during the operation and these are either removed before you leave hospital (non absorbable type) or left in the nose when you go home (fragmentable type). If it is thought that nasal valve collapse is a significant factor in causing the patient’s nasal obstruction then this can potentially be corrected surgically using cartilage grafts.
It can cause nasal obstruction, bleeding, crusting of dry mucus and whistling from the nose. A malignant tumour is cancer that destroys local tissues and has the potential to spread to other parts of the body unlike a benign tumour. The Fleet Air Arm can-do culture and ethos has developed over years of experience of operating in the unique and challenging maritime environment. This examined the needs and concerns of older people living with HIV as they face older age.The report showed that older people with HIV can be disadvantaged in a wide range of ways – from poorer health, to social care issues and housing problems. If the rhinitis is caused by allergy then the patient may experience itching of the nose, eyes and throat.
Sometimes small balloons are used to dilate passages between the nose and sinuses in a procedure called balloon sinuplasty.
If bleeding starts when you are at home and is profuse then you need to phone for an ambulance to take you to Casualty. As with nasal surgery and Tonsillectomy there is a small incidence of post-operative bleeding. This research helped us to create the Health, Wealth and Happiness project - an innovative three year project funded by the Big Lottery Fund’s Silver Dreams scheme. This can be easily diagnosed in the clinic by looking at the back of the nose with a small endoscope.
If you are aged over 50 and living with HIV, please take part and help us to ensure that your needs are met in the future. Occasionally a patient may require further treatment to stop post-operative haemorrhage and may even require further surgery to stop it (< 1%).

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