No parent assignments.   If it’s a project that parents are going to have to orchestrate it’s not helping the kids. The kids should be able to complete it as independently as possible.  I love the idea that parents sit with their children and help them finish their work each night, but with many families at our school that never happens. I don’t do a lot of worksheets in class.  This homework gives my students exposure to the format of many end-of-year test questions. If they come to school without their homework, they finish it during morning recess.  They almost always finish it with at least 5 minutes to spare, so I know the assignments don’t take longer than 10-15 minutes. But what does the research say?  Harris Copper, a psychology and neuroscience professor at Duke University and the nation’s leading expert on homework (what a boring job!), reviewed 100+ homework related studies from the past decade.
The emphasis is on practicing vowel sounds, but there are also some consonant skills.  The sequence of phonics skills aligns with our morning work book practice.
Most of these pages follow the read-and-answer-questions format, but there are pages covering main idea, author’s purpose, and inference. Covering topics from the common core like contractions, plurals, past tense, etc.  I also toss in some sight word review if it will fit on the page. A lot of times students are asked to edit writing because that’s a big part of our end-of-year test and no matter how much writing we do in-class, the transfer of skills to the test format doesn’t happen automatically. There’s a lot of context clues practice because, like with editing, there’s a lot of it on the test and they don’t always do so hot. These 5 language art strands cycle through every 5 days of the homework.  It’s the same with math. This is huge in the 2nd grade common core for a reason.  A firm understanding of our base-10 system and how to use it to understand and solve problems is essential for more complex mathematics.  ESSENTIAL! In the homework pages, the sequence of these skills follows the outline from Singapore math and the Learning Trajectories.  Are you familiar with the Trajectories?  A fabulous book!  Assuming you have $45 to spend (!!) it will change the way you teach math.
Each problem solving page has 3 problems and plenty of work room.  Topics cover addition, subtraction (1 and 2-step problems), comparisons, multiplication, division, money, and writing their own story problems.
Even though there aren’t any 3-digit addition pages, there are plenty of story problems using 2 and 3-digit numbers.  Why? Students get a chance to practice tally charts, bar graphs, pictographs, line graphs, data tables, and line plots. At our Teachers Pay Teachers shop you can download a 10-page sample (pages 61-70).  That’s a preview of 2 weeks worth of homework!
I hope you find this as useful in your 2nd grade as my team does!  A little bit of review every day pays big dividends in the end! Note: We have created a 40 page add-on pack of homework for those who have requested more days. I just have to say that as a parent I think homework is wrong(especially for younger grades). If you look at the top of the post you’ll see a grid that breaks down what homework I do. Yes, we create all of our products ourselves using a combination of Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Word and Publisher.
Facebook marketing campaigns seem to be going all warm, caring and fluffy recently as brands realize that solving problems and helping those in need can be a very effective marketing tactic. The marketing goals for the Facebook pages vary but quite often the simple goal of just increasing their fan count to their Facebook page seems to be top of the list as brands have worked out very quickly that being able to communicate to 1,000’s or even millions of fans via a simple status update is very efficient highly leveraged marketing. The Department store Kohl’s gave away $10 million to various schools decided by the votes of their fans on Facebook. In February of this year, popular department store Target left the choice of where to donate $1 million into the hands of their fans on the social network. 2010 saw a shift in Ford’s promotion techniques as they began gearing their campaigns towards social media outlets, and they really pushed the boundaries with innovative ideas.
Read more about this at 10 Key Elements Of One Of The Top #Facebook Marketing Campaigns Of The Year.
Popular fast food chain Jack In The Box, and their slightly creepy mascot Jack, added a nickel in an imaginary jar for every new fan they accrued on Facebook in their October Rich Fan Sweepstakes. A little before the beginning of Spring, Microsoft’s Facebook page for Bing launched a campaign that helped them accrue almost a half million new fans on the social network.

To go a whole list without mentioning at least one company that has utilized Facebook’s new popular feature, Places, just would not be acceptable. Popular cereal company Kellogg’s teamed up with Feeding America, and the Facebook page Kellogg Cares comes as a result. Domino’s Pizza has completely revamped its brand image this year through advertising campaigns, and a heavy focus on interactive social networks.
Corona Light cross-media campaign this past year included a goal to become “The Most Liked Light Beer In America.” A most notable part of this was to use Facebook, and by fanning the page you could see your picture up in the bright lights of New York City’s Time Square. So what is a Facebook marketing campaign that you have noticed recently that impressed you? It’s pretty easy to craft a good Facebook post for paid promotion, but it’s hard to turn a good post into a great one. Just seems like a lot of new applications with nice creative but surely Facebook apps and campaigns are more than that now? How about displaying successful campaigns from so called “mom and pop” type businesses without mega budgets?
It seems all everyone is doing is BUYING fans for short term through competitions and giving money away! I’m more keen on campaigns that connect to purchase activities or direct brand engagement. I agree with Matt, anyone can spend a fortune and get customers but not necessarily a good return on their investment.
I really can’t believe spending that sort of money on a facebook campaign is even slightly worth it. These kinds of Facebook campaigns are obviously very effective, but what about when the campaign is over?
Feel free to take a look around, meet the Waverunners, and see how the foundation is being set in place, by building a softball powerhouse in Indiana!
Are the reading comprehension pages separate or included in the common core packet for sale? We have plans to make 3rd grade homework (as well as morning work) but are working on 1st grade resources right now.
Companies have also realized that  people’s main reason for becoming a fan for the most part is not so charitable, but is about having access to the latest special offers and freebies. It was an excellent promotional campaign as the 20 schools with the most votes were each given $500 thousand.
The company used an application titled “Super Love Sender” and kept fans updated in real time which charity was in the lead.
This past summer they released tidbits of info leading up to a Facebook event unveiling the 2011 Ford Explorer. They started at just over $2,000, and when they gave away the money about a month later to a randomly selected fan, the jar was up to over $11,500. The search engine did this by giving away FarmVille currency to all new fans that hit the “Like” button. They promoted their Papa’s Speciality Pizza Contest using Facebook, and it created quite a buzz and a growth in fans as a result. Southwest partnered up with the Make A Wish Foundation for an excellent charitable promotion that had the airline donating a dollar to the organization every time a passenger checks into a Southwest served airport. The page has been a quick increase in fans, and the content posted makes it such an interactive success on the social network. As they were coming to the realization that their pizza previously tasted similar to cardboard, they started a tab on their Facebook page where fans could voice all of their complaints with the popular chain. The campaign was a great social media success in the sense that it had fans interacting on the pages as well as spreading the story of the billboard by word of mouth.
I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed browsing your blog posts. If people are liking your page because they like the product, then maybe it will gain a bit of visibility, but if you’re just giving away free stuff, they’ll like the page and never even look at it!
Creating a campaign to increase followers by allowing these fans to give to charities by liking the page or simply voting, is clearly a very successful way to gain followers.

The only thing I can do as a teacher is to figure out what I feel is best for my students based on current research and experience.
Kohl’s Facebook page sky rocketed to well over a million fans, and the winning schools each tallied well over 100,000 votes. The campaign was the first time a car company has ever used a website to reveal their new model as opposed to an auto show. Needless to say, giving away free money is one of the best and easiest ways to acquire new fans on the social network.
Bing drew in great traffic and their page grew rapidly, but engagement of the content on the page was drawn into question.
The contest put the fans taste buds and creativity to the test as it was up to them to come up with a new pizza for the company.
The promotion has had great success, as it is for a great cause, and it has it helped Southwest gain over 1 million fans on the social network. The page’s aim is to educate younger generations on proper nutrition through posts and video updates. Regardless of any opinion on whether their new pizza has actually improved, their use of Facebook to listen fans opinions was a great way to begin to improve a deteriorating image that was initially attached to their brand. The billboard ran for a month until the beginning of December, and many fans were able to snag pictures and be a part of this Facebook-based advertisement. Any time I’m just working with a terrible working day, I bring research a articles during this practical application but it all of would not might seem hence terrible now days. It can also be seen that any campaign that allows consumers to voice their opinion easily on Facebook or to give suggestions will also increase the number of new followers.
We pride ourselves on hard work, dedication, and improvement; while enjoying the game of fastpitch softball.
Kohl’s hit it out of the park so to speak with this campaign centered around the social network, and they did an excellent job utilizing social media tactics to help in its social responsibility efforts. Ford also went as far to randomly select one of their fans to giveaway a free Explorer upon their fan total surpassing a certain number.
It was certainly a creative campaign though that helped the fast food chain see an explosive increase in fan numbers.
The Microsoft page responded by making itself a hotspot with the latest news about the popular Zynga developed game to keep their new fans around.
The winner also saw a piece of the profits, so it was not too much of a surprise that this creative campaign helped the popular chain’s fan-base on Facebook continue to expand. Kellogg’s used Facebook in an extremely humane fashion to raise awareness for a particular issue.
Domino’s continues to be extremely interactive on the page offering responses and updates for fans.
Also – with the majority of interactions taking place on post updates rather than the wall how did that integrate?
I wonder if there is any research on the numbers after the contests, especially if someone didn’t win the grand prize (such as the Ford Explorer). Our goal as a team is to develop as softball players and build character within ourselves as well as represent our communities as responsible and classy individuals. Research shows students lose an average of two months, yes two months knowledge from previous year over the summer months.
I think they look great and I love the idea of the math on one side and language arts on the other. Overall though, the excellent campaign was a complete success as it created quite a boom on the store’s Facebook page. You may pretty much waste material at a distance working hours with working hours looking through a discussions plus commentary during this app- if you don’t have plenty of time so that you can waste material, reside a distance made by this Mobile fun practical application!
Would you say that is still about right, by writing spelling words and drawing it looks like it may take longer.

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