Please enter at least one email addressYou are trying to send out more invites than you have remaining. After finishing signing up now is the time to earn points which will be redeemed for Nexon game card codes. Some regions have little to no regular offers but users in these regions can access all of the external offers or tasks. Neople and Nexon America also announced a new update for the game will come with open beta. To celebrate the free-to-play beta, Nexon intoduced Phase II of the Major Reflection event, where players can earn the iconic Seburo MG as well as an opportunity to earn the upcoming Motoko 2nd GIG Signature Skin.

First Assault Online is now available in some selected regions, and you can check out all supported regions here. The rise of new Internet and gaming companies created new opportunities for you to get your hands on free Nexon NX.
It’s against the Terms of Service and there’s no reason of creating another account anyway!
When doing offers you are probably going to be asked for some information but don't worry, you can put realistic information instead of your real personal info. To complete an external offer, be sure to read the description and then click the offer name.

Go ahead and find the amount of your choice and click claim this item and the code will be yours in no time! In the beginning, tasks are worth less than regular offers but if tasks are completed with high accuracy then you will be able to access tasks of a higher value.

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