There is a big percentage of people all over the world, who want to earn money or more money using Law of Attraction.
So what if we knew little secrets to make the Law of Attraction to manifest money work every time and regularly. Before we get down to knowing the tips, let us understand certain facts about Law of Attraction. Just like a baby does not just get up and start walking, similarly no adult learns and becomes skilled in swimming or driving, similarly one needs to have patience along with expectancy when working to manifesting money.
Let us take another case, where one forces oneself to have positive thoughts with an iron will and does nothing else. In other words, the universe is receiving mixed signals, therefore, one fails to get desired results. Most importantly, even if everything is being done properly the time taken to manifest may vary from person to person and also there could be different rates of success or time taken by the same person on different occasions.
Imagine that you have connected the TV Set’s power cable to the wall socket and switch on the TV but the picture is either not there or is there intermittently. It is like you want the law of attraction to work for you but you have a lot of prejudice or doubts in your mind.
So even when you try to attract money to yourself, yet money cannot flow it because of the inbuilt blocks. Similarly if somewhere you’re doubting the whole process and have negative thoughts about it, a lack of belief can make the Law of Attraction ineffective – fully or partially ! For reasons known or not known, it may take a while for the universe to respond to the request, but if you practice nicely, manifestation will happen. Hence I do believe that you can manifest money using the law of attraction – Sure I do! The Science Behind How The Law Of Attraction Works: Quantum Physics, Quantum Mechanics, and String Theory.
I believe that understanding the basics of how it works will help you be better equipped to USE these universal principles to attract what you want in your life, and to recognize what it is that you are “doing wrong”, when you do NOT manifest what you want!
You’ve heard it taught that you need to choose your thoughts, so you are thinking positively about what you want.  But why does it matter? These are the questions that are answered by a division of physics called, “Quantum Physics”. Science now realizes that in every cell, inside everything, even inanimate objects, there are strings of energy that wobble and wave and vibrate in different patterns, and these strings of energy make up the protons and neutrons of every nucleus. When a thought “pops into” your head, it is because YOU are VIBRATING at a frequency equal to the frequency of that thought. This delay serves you so you don’t have to worry about every little thought that pops into your head, with one exception: You may want to ask yourself WHY you were able to pick up on that thought! Now, on the positive side, the fact that your thoughts have creative power after 17 seconds really serves you!  You may have been making It a lot more “work” than it really is; If you hold a good feeling thought for only 17 seconds, YOU’VE BEGUN CREATING what you want!  Then, you can just relax, and feel good about your life!  It is ON IT’S WAY!
So, when you get an indiscriminate thought in your head, realize that IT MIGHT NOT EVEN HAVE BEEN YOUR THOUGHT!  You just were in the same frequency as someone else who was holding that thought! All other content is in the public domain and is copyrighted by the credited author or by an unknown. Think of all the positive things about yourself ( at least eight positive things for each negative thought) to counteract those negative thoughts.
As you keep doing that you will realise what patterns hold you back from a meaningful life. Meet The Creator Jody Walker is the creator of Simply Being Spiritual & Free Spirit Revolution Club, He is a Teacher, Mentor, Author, Writer, freedom fighter, Modern Day Mystic .

Be proactive with time management, stress management, confronting fears, and burnout prevention.
This entry was posted in Inspiration and tagged abilities, and positive points, burnout prevention, confronting fears, direction of life, happiness, life choices, personal responsibilty, Steve Maraboli, strengths, stress management, talents, thoughts, time management, Victim Mindset, virtues by Mastering Today. However, there is some level of dissatisfaction because the Law of Attraction is not working properly.
The law of gravity or Newton’s 3 laws of motion are physical and can be verified, checked and demonstrated, whereas Law of Attraction is more on the spiritual premise. Simply put the practitioner cannot expect best results if is also entertaining some thoughts that is he really going to attract money or he simultaneously shares his negative thoughts about money repeatedly with others. Well most likely this is going to backfire, as this has to be an effortless, smooth visualization with the certain expectancy that money is being attracted. The reason is that cable does not have high quality copper wire, therefore due to high resistance the electricity is not travelling to your TV set. You may be wanting to manifest money but most of the time you are thinking about lack of money you are experiencing currently. While thanking in advance strengthens the expectancy, thanking the universe after getting the money is manifested helps build a stronger communication channel. It can be used by anyone – irrespective of age, color, gender, place, personality, education level. If you say “I WANT MONEY!”, but you are feeling desperation, the message you just sent to the universe is, “Send me plenty to be desperate about relative to money!”  The feeling of it sends a vibration, and that is the message!
The broad category called “physics” encompasses the study of the laws that govern the larger elements of the universe, for example, “gravity, “electromagnetism”, “strong force”, “weak force”, and so on.
Science first “saw” these strings as one piece, called “quarks”, and awarded the Nobel Prize for the discovery of these “quarks” in 1969, but now realizes that the strings of energy come in two different shapes: a “U’ shape, and a “straight line” shape. If it is a thought that you do not choose to think, and you “cast that thought out”, it will have no creative power! Where is the limiting belief inside yourself that is causing you to pick up on that low frequency thought vibration?
The longer you hold that particular intention, the greater the accumulation of strings of energy you have emitted into the Universe, so the faster you will attract it! So, if you don’t want it, CAST IT OUT!  If you DO, keep thinking about it until you FEEL it!  Then, enjoy the fruit of your newly created life! Think that the negative thought is just a thought you mind has created and has no intrinsic truth to it.
Once you become aware of that, you will be able to let go of them and move towards a more meaningful life. Either it is not helping to manifest the full amount of money or sometimes it works and other times it does not. Faith, belief, visualization, expectancy, patience and gratitude are the important pillars of Law of Attraction. So clear your baggage of clutter, doubts and disbeliefs and see the magic of manifestation.
This ensures that the next time you ask for something, the result will be much more to your taste. We are all part of this wonderful and vibrant universe and there is no reason why it will not respond to what we ask for. However, that’s NOT the full story and there are a number of ADDITIONAL laws besides just the Law Of Attraction we need to understand. The “U” shape imbeds itself into the cell, and this is what tells the cell to turn into a baby’s heart cell, or a baby’s liver cell, or a frog, or a penguin, or a tree!

The persona is the version of our person we show to others, sometimes even those close to us. Through dynamic examples, compelling stories, cutting edge ideas, spontaneous humor and proven practices, Bhavajalanji motivates, provokes and inspires you into surrendering into your own greatness.
He lives to help people to find their true Self, Live spiritually, with passion and purpose, doing work that really matters!
You must have faith and you must be patient and you will soon have the law of attraction working for you. The straight line string wraps itself through the “U” shaped string (and this is a “quark”), through magnetic attraction (of the Electro Magnetic Field), UNTIL YOU, through your thoughts and choice, cause that straight string to fly out through your cells, and further out from your body, and out of your energy field, into the universe, to accomplish something or other! Through reading this page, and the associated links and resources, you will be pointed in the direction of truth. So, literally, your strings obey your thoughts, and fly out to attract strings that are wobbling and wiggling in the same pattern!  Other strings that are wobbling and wiggling in the same frequency and pattern will flock, like a magnet, to coagulate with the other similar strings! We may show a mask to our wife, a different one to our mother, a different one at work and different one to a friend. What it means is in order to successfully attract what we want, we have to be detached from the outcome.
Once there is a critical mass of vibrationally matching strings of energy, “it”, whatever it was you were intending,  manifests!
They protect us from showing our real person in a particular situation and sometimes obscure the real person from ourselves and others.
And often this lack of awareness of the real person beneath the personas we project is the reason our life seems meaningless. These strings of energy is how it can be said that “God is in everything and everyplace, all at the same time”, and that “We are all connected”! When you got a call for an interview and they didn’t end up hiring you, you got disappointed. Sometimes our logical mind thinks that we didn’t directly get what we focused on, but we have to be detached and realize that it may have something even better in store. One, maybe what you want isn’t right for you and could cause you pbrloems later, though your waking mind might not realize it. Two, what you want is being wanted by too many other people or is too complicated to manifest.
An example of the former is if you were trying to win a sweepstakes contest with a lot of people entering. The most efficient way to use the Law Of Attraction is to go through the process of focusing on it, and then LET IT GO by completely putting it out of your mind. Far too often, people will think about what they want, and then keep thinking about it all through the day. There are periods where you have to take your mind OFF OF IT for your Subconscious mind to do it’s work. So even though the Law Of Attraction says what you focus on, you get, that’s true BUT NOT the whole story. You have to utilize the Law Of Detachment and give your waking mind a REST by NOT focusing on what you want too much.
Your Subconscious mind controls all your involuntary functions such as breathing, digestion, hair growth, etc it is actually working on bringing your desire to you at the times when your conscious waking mind is NOT thinking about what you want(even though you don’t see the process).

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