It's always fun to solve brain teasers, and it acts as a good activity to exercise your brain, keeping it fit.
Brain teasers have been used since centuries to challenge intelligence of people and have passed the test of time by virtue of how imaginative and fun they can be. While some are imaginative, tough, and challenging, others sometimes, simply require more of common sense!
Remember, most brain teasers for adults generally rely on double meaning and playing with words, so you might easily get frustrated without a bit of luck!
13) When can you add two to eleven and get one as the correct answer?Show AnswerWhen you add two hours to eleven o-clock, you get one o-clock. 14) A man wanted to encrypt his password but he needed to do it in a way so that he could remember it. Trip III: He drops off the goat again and takes the vegetables with him to the other shore. I have found these brain teases very useful and entertaining, especially at our senior citizens association get togethers, many thanks.
Please help me with this; If the first three words are "the boys down" what are the last three words. HOW about this one Tom's mum had three children the first one's name was May second one's name was June what was the tird one's name?A: tom because it was tom's mum that had three children. Wow these were hard but after I read the helping withi brain teasers part I breasted through them.

Brain teasers for kids mark a great change from the conventional learning system, and empower the kids with abilities like good reasoning, logical thinking, critical analysis, and good observation skills.
Brain teasers are one of the best ways to refresh your mental ability and stimulate your intellectual faculty. Has it been a real long time, since you have 'troubled' your brain in finding the right answer to a question? Scroll through these twisty brain teaser questions to give you a whole bunch of queries that will have your mind in a jumble. Word brain teasers are intelligent brain exercises, which help the child to think beyond the obvious. Here are a collection of brain teasers along with some tips on how to solve them without much difficulty.
One of them leads to a fire-breathing dragon, while the other one leads to a room made up of magnifying glass, any one who dares to enter it is charred off before they know it.
It's freezing outside and you only have one match, a candle, a newspaper, and some hay and twigs.
The first room is a furnace filled with feeding flames, the second has armed men with loaded guns while the third has lions starving for years. Left or right are the only possible answers.Show AnswerThe bus is headed to the left, else we would see the boarding door! Can you tell me what is so special about it?Show AnswerThis is the only number which includes all the digits arranged in alphabetical order. You are expected to concentrate your eye and mind on the picture and find out the hidden answer.

This Buzzle article gives you some good brain teasers to tease your brain and have a good laugh too. They help check your thinking power and force the brain to provide a logical approach to a problem. This online crystal ball mind reader can not only read your mind but understands addition and subtraction as well. You can try to solve these yourself, and then ask your friends to see if they can solve them.
You are allowed only one trip into that room.Show AnswerTurn any two switches "on" for say about five minutes or so. How does he escape?Show AnswerHe will wait for nightfall and then step out from the glass room!
Which one should the man choose?Show AnswerThe third room, because lions hungry for years would be long dead! Like the misleading pictures, brain teasers also entangle the mind of the reader and make him forget his worries, at least for a while.
Obviously, one of the bulb's will be switched on, whereas one of the other two bulbs will be slightly warm -- this latter bulb corresponds to the other switch that was "on" all this while.
How does he cross the river?Show AnswerTrip I: He takes the goat with him, leaving the lion and the vegetables behind.

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