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As you can see, the equation reads 8+3-4=0, which we know from elementary school math class is wrong of course! We enjoy fear and also like to look at pictures that make us afraid and create a thrilling sensation. Scary optical illusions are quite popular among men and women for being creative and fantastic. If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Killer Whale Pictures, Pictures of Trains, Kate Beckinsale Pictures and Emma Watson Pictures. The present President and the dead first President peeping from one picture present a scary illusionary portrait. These two old men don’t have any idea that a third one is also present and listening to their tete-a-tete. Take a close look and you will find that this is not only a collage of animals but also the face of a man. This scary optical painting creates an illusion that makes us wonder whether a deer is injured or a woman.
Take a look at this creepy illusionary painting that makes you freak out seeing the ghostly trees and the weird creature. Fabulous painting that creates an illusion of a creepy slouched old man walking in a sly manner. Graceful black and white painting of a young girl that does not create an illusion but makes one look into the illusionary perspective we hold towards young age.

Scary to the core; this zombie optical illusion produces a chilling sensation in the minds and eyes. Look at this frightening natural creation present in the stem of the tree that appears as though it is the baby of the tree. These two fearless girls say cheers to the devil in the picture and are not afraid of sharing a drink with him.
This portrait of a single man carries various other portraits within that looks quite scary.
All of us have heard about people being two-faced by nature but if you have never seen someone in person, take a look. The two women in conversation present a fearsome portrait, looks like as though they are being witnessed by a skull. This portrait of a woman looks quite awe-inspiring but her hairstyle gives the illusion of a seated animal. Have a close look at the skull that has captured two love bird eying each other with affection. This colorful optical illusion painting presents a spooky portrait that is also creative in nature.
This picture creates fear in the eyes of onlookers and it feels like one is going to get drowned. CreativeFan is dedicated to bringing you the best tutorials, resources and inspiration for creativity, and they work tirelessly to bring you posts like these. I’ve mentioned this before and I’ll mention it again—finding illusions that havent already been posted on the site before is getting pretty tricky!

Just do as the instructions say and move just one of the matchsticks above to make the equation correct. A lot has been said about the fascination of human beings with scary elements and the fact remains that we are attracted by scary portraits.
These illusionary pictures are widely searched online and people keep looking for such resources that will provide them with these cool scary images.
I mean, we’ve done them all it seems, from the classic illusions to the more obscure ones, Photoshopped gems to perfectly timed photographs.
So, today we bring a post with 29 images that are very spooky and will provide you with all possible thrill and entertainment. One very important reason behind this attraction is that we love to get thrilled and also want to test our limits as to how fearless we are and how much we can endure. Well, a lighter way of indulging in this exercise is to look at scary optical illusion pictures. All machines produce balls which are identical in appearance but one produces balls weighing 99 gms instead of 100 gms which is the standard.

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