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July 15, 2015 6 Comments It’s summertime and you know what that means, don’t you?? I have had these little green Ball mason jars for a while and was excited for a reason to use them!
Thanks for stopping by my blog where I share everything from crafts to DIY projects to recipes! Whether a big exam is looming ahead or you need to improve your memory to keep abreast of a large body of information, brain training is a unique way to maximise your chances of success. Brain training involves the use of games or activities targeted at exercising a brain-based capacity which is useful to real-life situations and outcomes. A recent study published in Psychological Science indicates that although brain training may not increase intelligence as a whole, it definitely does augment one’s ability to retain information. Another study, the largest ever on brain training (published in January 2014), revealed that a short course of brain exercises helped older adults retain improvements in reasoning skills and processing speed for 10 years after the culmination of the course. Gains in memory retention, meanwhile, began to drop off after five years, which is still a significant amount of time to display the positive effects of cognitive training. This is good news for students and good news for the population as a whole, since enabling minds to remain sharp even during old age has immensely beneficial consequences for the healthcare system but also for the elderly themselves, who are able to enjoy a significantly better quality of life. To see how much fun and enlightening brain training can be, log onto the site of popular providers, Lumosity, for a free taster of what it’s all about.
The site allows you to ‘test’ their programme out, after asking a series of questions to determine which areas you need help with. The games are fun and challenging they are likewise humbling for those who fancy themselves as quick thinkers. After this initial ‘test’, you are given a score, which will usually leave much room for improvement. To sharpen your memory for upcoming exams, there are many strategies you can adopt which will complement your brain training programme.
On July 31, New Video will release The Magic School Bus: The Complete Series, which features 52 episodes and includes activities and brain busters for parents and kids.
Released just in time for Back to School activities will be four Magic School Bus singles, The Human Body, Super Star Power, Takes a Dive, and Takes Flight. New Video will support the brand with a national marketing and publicity campaign, which includes trade media outlets, partnerships with licensees and science foundations, paid online and social media advertising, outreach to parenting press, mommy bloggers, parenting organizations and play in the top 10 radio markets, and more.
Lego Dimensions Reveals Upcoming Expansion Packs, New Video SeriesJuly 28, 2016 By Maddie Michalik Leave a CommentLego Dimensions will launch six collectible expansion packs and a new video series, announced at San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) this past weekend. Thanks for visiting Puzzle Park game page, hopefully you found all the information you need about Puzzle Park and like this game.

Publisher: Big Fish GamesThe Big Fish Games' Game Club allows you to purchase Puzzle Park game up to 65% off the regular price, obtain premium support with our Customer Support Live Chat, and receive early access to all new games.
Shopping in the grocery store- all the catchy sugar products like Captain Crunch are at eye level for kids. We need to read and learn what is right and not just listen to the tv, the media that is brainwashing us! If you can't find the clipart your looking for then please do not hesitate to get in touch and we will gladly help. Worksheets include: Criss Cross, Cryptogram,What Does It Say, How Many Words, Maze Fun, Word Search, Word Unscramble, and Color Fun pages.
I am taking my kiddos on a trip this weekend for Thanksgiving and was sort of dreading it because they are at the awkward tween age but this will help out a ton. Different activities are used to target key neural circuits responsible for such areas as the memory, attention and speed in processing information. This company offers a series of online games and apps that target three main areas: speed, memory and attention. For instance, you may be asked whether your main goals are to improve your memory, pay attention or multi-task. One game might focus on ‘speed’; this game involves showing you a quick series of shapes and asking you to hit the right or left arrow to indicate whether or not the shape you are viewing is the same as the one you have just seen. Another game, focusing on ‘memory’, presents a series of patterns you have to recall precisely. In order to avail of the personalised programme created for you, you have to pay a minimum of one month’s fee. This is why purchasing  good programme after doing your research into different companies, is wise. It is crucial to take the time to discover what works best for you and to stick to it relentlessly.
This is why investing time in mapping is so important: it highlights how the parts of a subject relate to its whole. The campaign is designed to generate several million consumer impressions this summer and fall.
The Phantom Limb Level Pack is a free download exclusively for players on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 computer entertainment systems. Releases First DLC Content for Lego Star Wars: The Force AwakensJuly 30, 2016 By Steven Vega Leave a CommentWarner Bros.
The game is a fast paced, high intensity game, where players compete to capture their opponent’s castle pieces.

For example, a game (Puzzle Park) that normally costs $19.99 can cost you as little as $6.99!
Take a vacation through a beautiful and challenging amusement park in this tricky Puzzle game! Still another part of the test may focus on your ability at paying attention: across the screen, a bird and a number flash quickly. The games are truly so much fun that just thinking that they are also working on your brain fitness, makes them quite irresistible. Some of the best programmes will set you back around ?4.99 a month, which isn’t too great an investment considering the advantages offered. David Hyerle, there are eight different types of learning maps: the circle, bubble, double bubble, tree, brace, flow, multi-flow and bridge map. From Sea to Space and Field Trip Fun and Games, both of which include episodes that have never been released on DVD. The Toy Book is a bimonthly trade magazine covering the toy industry, published by Adventure Publishing Group.
Interactive Entertainment released the first downloadable content for the Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens season pass. As the newly-appointed toy partner for SpacePOP, Madame Alexander Doll Company will create a line of fashion dolls and figures based on the brand’s main characters. The aim is to click the mouse on the exact spot the bird was located and to remember the number that was flashed (on another part of the screen) soon after. They reveal an undeniable truth: the most effective ways of learning are usually those which are also the most engaging. Having all the information written in a condensed form on one piece of paper will help you see how each part of the subject relates to the whole, and will enable you to remember details more efficiently.
The Prequel Trilogy Character Pack allows players to play as characters such as Anakin Skywalker, Darth Maul, Jango Fett, Jar Jar Binks, Padme Naberrie, Captain Panaka, and more. Master the secret tricks of the Power Pieces and bonuses to solve puzzles quickly and score huge combos!
Luckily we don’t keep that in the house, so I wasn’t baking all afternoon and eating cake!

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