Managed:  Reminding myself to be respectful and discovering some great ideas for kids that model the respectful behavior you want to teach them in a fun way.
Children learn so much through experience, so be sure to take the opportunity to have a discussion with your child when you see someone acting either very respectfully or very disrespectfully. When reading to your child, select books that demonstrate characters learning about and showing respect. Creating your portfolio and keeping it up to date will require you to have a plan and follow certain steps in order to do it in a successful and effective way. If you're a web designer, making your own portfolio is a great way of being able to tweak everything to your own liking along with saving some money. New clients will be impressed if they see that you have the ability to come up with different designs. No client wants to see a photo-book you did for your kids, your own wedding invitations or something you just scribbled down during a break. With all the thousands of designers and portfolios that are out there, you have to try to be unique.
It's also quite popular to add some sort of personal element, such as doodles or your favorite quotes to the design elements to add that little extra touch to it. Being different and having a unique look is great, but remember to not let it all hide your work away. To make sure everything looks good and is easy to navigate through, you should get feedback from others. Having someone else look at it can bring possible issues to your attention and also give the confirmation that it actually looks good and works well!
Remember to include the link to your portfolio wherever it can be relevant; on your website, business-cards, email signatures and so on.
As you will experience, making and maintaining your online portfolio will include a lot of work if you want to get it done properly. Opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and not necessarily those of Onextrapixel. Hilde is a Norwegian girl with a great passion for everything related to design, freelancing, PhotoShop, photography, Illustrator and more.
Join the community and stay updated with useful design and development resources and materials for FREE. By Becentsable 2 Comments Follow these garage sale tips to help you have a successful sale! Choose a date, and invite others to join you. If your neighborhood hosts a neighborhood garage sale, picking a date may be as simple as writing the date of that sale on the calendar.
Repair and clean items thoroughly. If you want maximum dollar for your items, they need to be clean.
Hang as many clothes as you can. Dress clothes, coats and costumes should get top priority when it comes to hanging space, but many people would prefer to look through hanging clothes rather than those stacked on tables or sorted into bins, so hang as many items as you can. Use tape, pins and bags to keep like items together. Use safety pins to keep two- or three-piece sets together and plastic storage bags for bagging up sets of socks, tights or other small clothing items.
Price low. Even if you goal is to make a certain amount of money, you’ll earn more if you price your items to go rather than trying to earn top dollar. List your sale on Craigslist. Writing up a Craigslist ad is a free and an effective way to get the word out. Include all relevant information in your ad. Make sure to list the date and times of the sale and your address. Make attractive signs. Choose a bright color for your sign and draw a large arrow to point the way. Use flags or balloons to draw attention to your sale. We always place a large sign in the front yard to confirm that we are having a sale and not just cleaning out the garage.
Put larger items closest to the road, and line the driveway with any furniture or colorful baby equipment you have for sale. Some people driving by will stop to look at one particular item that caught their eye and may end up buying more. Group similar items together. Kitchen utensils should be placed near bowls, plates and table linens. People want to know they are buying a functional item, so provide an outlet or extension cord for customers to test electronics or appliances. Keep batteries handy for testing battery-powered toys. Avoid putting small items on the floor or ground. We create extra tables by stacking two towers of Tupperware boxes, placing a plywood board on top of them and covering them with a sheet. Use these garage sale tips to help you make tons of money! Preparing for a sale takes a lot of time, but the better prepared you are, the more likely a buyer is going to find an item he or she wants, and the more money you are likely to make. We are using our garage sale money for our trip to Florida this summer! Are you dreaming of a Disney Vacation? Even though I’m only sharing crafts, money saving tips, and a super rad personalized favor in this post, I will be back in a few weeks to show you the finished product. Personalized anything is one of the easiest ways to envelope the bride and groom in warm and fuzzies.
Crafting tip- Use a container to catch the glitter that doesn’t stick to the current item you are making so you can save as much of your precious glitter as possible. I don’t know how I did it, but I stumbled into this random dollar store and she had all of her stores ship their glasses to her so I could purchase 50 matching glasses. I wanted my pink votives to poke out a little so I made sure I kept the glitter to about 1 inch. Figure out the correct size for your napkin (mine was 4 inches) and glue it to the 1 inch piece of elastic.
Finally, the last bridal shower craft is something I personally only do when I’m in a pinch. I know this post is older but I just have to say I appreciate finding another person who is obsessed with the details and finding exactly what you were picturing. My name is Mallery and I’m a recovering workaholic oversharing with a solid sense of humor.
Triathlon is one of the fastest growing mainstream sports in the world and year after year there are people who are bitten by the Ironman Triathlon bug.
When the Ironman first evolved in the late 1970’s the choice was not quite so difficult as there was not all that much to chose from.
If you are new to biking out on the open highway or biking in general it really makes sense to get yourself an inexpensive road bike and learn the basic bike handling skills.

As a rule, your average road bike is not designed for straight ahead time trial speed, but triathlon bikes are lighter and usually configured lower to allow for better aerodynamic positioning.
The Giant in the image is a beautiful bike, but most definitely a bike for the experienced cyclist. Once you begin to feel comfortable on the bike you might want to upgrade it by putting clipless pedals and aerobars on it. For instance, if you put aero-bars on your road bike, the seat, handle-bars, or stem might have to be adjusted to allow for riding in the aero position.
You have to always keep in mind that you have to run after you ride no matter what the distance of your triathlon and the better your bike fits, the more efficient you are and the less strain you put on your body. The reason I suggest a used road-bike is to allow yourself time to decide if you want to make a career out of triathlon or not and also to save you some money. There are many people who just want to cross the Ironman finish line any way they can just once and then call it a career. If however you do your first Ironman on your trusty road bike and decide you love the sport it would make more sense at this point to look for a triathlon bike that fits your budget. In the pre-race booklet they mailed out several months before the race it was suggested that in training for the upcoming Ironman you should be swimming around 7-8 miles a week, biking around 300 miles a week, and running 60 miles a week. I learned how to swim specifically for the race and had never completed the 2.4 mile distance in training. I had never been on a road bike until I decided I wanted to become an Ironman and the furthest I biked in training was around 50 miles(once). I left much of the outcome of the race that day in the hands of the Iron Gods because I certainly lacked the proper preparation to take on what was at the time, the most challenging endurance race in the world. The main thing I had going for me was my desire to become an Ironman and to cross that finish line any way I could no matter how long it took me(it took just over 14 hours). A well-tuned and cared for road bike that is configured to fit you properly will perform just beautifully in your first(or second or third) Ironman Triathlon and the final outcome of your Ironman journey will really be decided by the size of your heart and the strength of your convictions.
TOTAL IMMERSION is offering all IronStruck visitors a 10% discount on Books, DVD's, and all other Total Immersion teaching tools. Take a few minutes and read these IronStruck testimonials from people who have used IronStruck to realize their Ironman dream and in the process, became more than they ever thought possible.
If you encounter a disrespectful individual, model calm respectful behavior for your child. Role play a disagreement between two people, so your children learn that they can disagree without being disrespectful.
Have them determine if the behavior is respectful and, if not, what could have been done differently. Turn the pipe cleaners into glasses by twisting the ends of the long pipe cleaner together to create a circle.
Have the children compare the pieces of paper with one another and talk about how each of the children is different. Having the possibility to show your best work samples to new clients is a very important step in the process of getting new projects.
Do a little bit of brainstorming to come up with your own idea of what you want it to be like. Some ideas will grow on you, and others will be rejected once you get the time to think about it a few times. It's of course great to show that you have a style that can be recognized if that is the case, but focus on showing the variety in what you do. Your portfolio can also inspire them and give them ideas of what they'd like to see in their own projects. This way it will be easier for your potential clients to understand what you've actually done.
Browsing through similar websites can be a great plan for getting inspiration and seeing what can actually be done.
What feels right for you can be different, just make sure you're happy with it and feel it reflects you well.
It has to be easy to find the actual examples of what you've done and they have to be displayed well.
Add a contact form, your Twitter username, a link to your regular business website and your phone number. If you decide to do your best with this and are able to put your own touch on it whilst keeping it unique, you'll see the results within a short time.
Of course we would also like to see what your online portfolio looks like, so make sure to include the link with your comment.
Running her own website and work with mainly Graphic Design and Business Consulting besides article writing.
We strive to share the best web resources with the community but we are not affiliated to any other agency or company. When you write the advertisements for your sale, it’s always a good idea to mention specific items that you will have for sale, and, if you’re like me, you won’t be able to remember what you have unless you’ve written it down.
If there is no community sale in your area, invite neighbors, friends and family members to join you. Even if it’s high-quality, a highchair with crusty food splattered all over it is going to fetch a much lower price than a clean one. Pricing items can seem to take longer than actually hosting the garage sale, so rather than do all the pricing at once, I price items as I collect them throughout the year. The basic price chart would work especially well if you are hosting a multi-family sale so that there is not a wide variety in pricing on like items.
If you have the space in your newspaper ad, consider adding the major cross streets near your sale or complete driving directions. We like to take the work out of looking through our items by as many as possible at an easy to reach level. As items are removed throughout the sale, I rearrange to fill in the gaps. Here are some great articles with tons of Disney tips and secrets to help you plan your dream Disney vacation and stay on budget. You are free to use any information found on this site as long as proper credit is given to BeCentsAble and a link back is provided.
Chrissy has helped thousands of subscribers save money without giving up “extras” like travel and entertainment.

So, we can either bury our heads in the sand to avoid wedding stress, or we can help with the festivities. I started with the pink version of the previously stated gold acrylic paint and ended up pulling the spray paint out because I was over it. As you can see, I found some sort of blue votive holder in my basement that probably should have been pitched. I have been dying to use rhinestone ribbon for something and it just so happens that sparkly napkin rings are SO easy to make.
I prefer to order cupcake wrappers on Etsy because they aren’t my favorite things to make, but you can save a ton of cash if you make them this way.
Everything is absolutely gorgeous, as always, but more importantly, the thought of you having to stare at pink for long just makes my heart happy. Making the right equipment choices can be confusing and one of the biggest issues is figuring out the best bike for beginner Ironman triathletes.
It would be sort of like handing a teenager the keys for a Ferrari two days after he gets his driver’s license. Of coure there are very experienced road cyclists who decide to take on the Ironman and they can ride pretty much what they can afford.
Highway and the winds up the hill to the bike turn-around in Hawi were just as brutal back then as they are today. A child needs to be taught that we look people in the eye when they are talking to us to show that we are respectful listeners, and we don’t interrupt.
Role play future events for your child such as an upcoming party, showing them expected behavior like how to greet the guests and thank them for his gifts. Then discuss how the difference makes them special or unique.  Explain that no one else’s fingerprints are the same as their own. Many good ideas will occur in an early stage of the process, before you're bound to a specific design. Even if you may see this as you "working for free" for yourself, this is an investment in the future of your business.
These things have to be considered before starting out the actual work, and you're the one having to make the decision. Describing in a few words what you did and who you did it for can be a good way to introduce it.
If you work a lot on something you can be a bit blinded by it and it will be hard to see any mistakes done. Different clients could prefer getting in touch in different ways, so only one way of getting in touch isn't good enough. Keep an eye on how many visitors you're getting and take note of any feedback you're getting - both good and bad. If you aim to get rid of stuff, keeping your goal in mind will help you let go of items you may think are worth more than the price a buyer is offering. Of all the garage sale tips, I think this tip is the most important! A little glue or a screw holding together a formerly wobbly chair is also going to go along way in attracting a buyer.
The best way to get an idea of fair garage sale prices is to go to several sales in your area before hosting your own. We advertise the sale on Craigslist early in the week and then update the ad the day before the sale.
Craigslist doesn’t limit the size of the ad so include as much information as possible to make it easy for customers to find your sale.
Our signs always read “Huge Multi-family Sale” and include a large, black arrow and the address written in smaller letters underneath it. She shows how anyone can save thousands of dollars on cleaning supplies, toys, travel, groceries and more.
I only spray painted them with pink glitter because I found smaller gold ones to set on top of this charger for the cupcakes. I filled up a bowl with hot water and scooped the softened (not melted) wax out with a spoon. I wanted a little bit of stretch just in case one of the napkins had a little more bulk to it. I went with pink, light pink, and gold so they matched the party colors, and I decided on 2 images and 2 text so I could give a few of my own little somethings. Attach a 6-inch pipe cleaner to each side and bend at the ends to fit around the student’s ears. This is definitely something you have to look into, as it is an investment in the future of your business. Remember that what you're especially proud of doesn't have to be what is actually your best work.
This can be by using unusual colors, fonts or a different type of navigation from what is found "everywhere". Don’t host your sale on a holiday weekend when many people are likely to be out of town or otherwise preoccupied. You can skip these garage sale tips on cleaing your items if you’re short on time, but price your items accordingly. Another rule of thumb is to price items in good condition at a third of what they cost new, but many items at garage sales sell for far less than that. Put it on your schedule and plan it as if it was any ordinary project to make sure that you're able to give it priority. Many people will leave without buying anything rather than ask the price of an unmarked item. For example, stating that you’re selling a croquet set and baseball bats rather than “sports equipment” will draw more potential customers.
A smart person would have spray painted the smaller plate to save on the amount of paint needed, but I was going for a pink, gold, pink pattern so this is the way it had to be.
You’ll save time by not pricing your items, but you’ll also lose quite a few potential customers.

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