Flawless stones reveal no surface or internal flaws and are the rarest and most beautiful gems. Diamonds in this classification are of excellent quality and it is very difficult to see inclusions under 10x magnification. The inclusions of diamonds can only be seen by looking through a 10X loupe as it is nearly impossible for them to be seen with the naked eye. Finding flaws in these diamonds with the naked eye is difficult but the inclusions can easily be identified under 10x magnification. Once you begin looking on the search engines to find a direct diamond buyer, you will see just how many there are.
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If your diamonds are certified, an authority already establishes their quality, but they do not have to be certified to sell.
This is standard in the industry and all diamonds are graded the same way; by their carat weight, color, clarity and cut.
These stones maintain their integrity depending on the location of the inclusions in the diamond. Since they have a stellar record and are experienced with diamond buying, they are a viable option and worth looking in to.
The most brilliant diamond will be of superb cut, have very few flaws and be clear of color. This company has paid millions of dollars over the years for diamonds and precious metals and makes it easy to sell diamonds.

The cut is the most essential factor in establishing the brilliance because of its effect on fire or scintillation. You simply need to type in a URL into their business search to see how legitimate the business is and peer into how they operate.
This is the way the light is refracted, bending around the diamond facets, when a diamond is moved through a light source.

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