The Society of Collegiate Travel & Expense Management (SCTEM) focuses on the unique challenges faced by academic institutions regarding all aspects of business travel and expense management. Some background: During production of season 8 last May, Bourdain announced that he was leaving the network to join CNN.
In his Tumblr post, Bourdain says that while he understands the pressures of making TV profitable in a DVR world, he has nevertheless always had a queasy relationship with brand integration. As a result, Bourdain says, he went to great lengths to ensure his contract was iron-clad when it came to what products his name and likeness would endorse. Today, Anthony Travel employs more than 100 people, 50 at its Dallas headquarters and 50 at on-campus client offices nationwide. Not to mention last-minute bookings by teams that suddenly realize they could make the NCAA Final Four.
Jamie Zaninovich will never forget the day John Anthony won the travel account for Stanford University.
Why do big name colleges and universities stick with little Anthony Travel instead of a giant like American Express or Carlson Wagonlit?

Loyalty for great service and deeply nurtured professional relationships is one key reason, Zaninovich and others noted. That was part of what sold the ING New York Marathon officials two years ago on making Anthony Travel their official domestic travel agency for 8,000 runners flying in from around the United States. Ultimately Anthony’s business philosophy is one anyone contending with Internet competition can take to heart.
As a result, the network suspended production on the season, and repackaged the remaining seven episodes together with three new ones cut together from old footage.
Scenes of me, my face, and with my voice, were edited in such a way as to suggest that I might be driving that Cadillac.
They book travel for 31 colleges and universities, as well as athletic associations such as the Intercollegiate Tennis Association and U.S. Zaninovich, who this spring became the West Coast Conference commissioner, was a senior assistant athletic director at Stanford in 2002 when the university held a bidders’ conference for the Cardinal travel contract. As the conference presentations were underway, a Stanford staffer rushed in to report that two track-team members had missed their plane, and United Airlines was refusing to put their 16-foot-long pole vault poles on the next flight out of Chicago.

Specifically, it became the go-to travel agency for the University of Notre Dame and other colleges facing unique travel challenges when platoons of student-athletes and coaches hit the road.
The number of people employed as travel agents in the United States, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, plunged from 111,130 in 1999 to 87,600 in 2006. He works a block off the Notre Dame campus in South Bend but spends typically three weeks out of four on the road.
In 1989, a Texas childhood friend, David Handler, had an inspiration that there might be a great business selling travel packages to Fighting Irish football fans.
Exploiting non-obvious routings on super-cheap discounters like Midway Airlines and Southwest to slash costs, Anthony Travel built a loyal customer base among Notre Dame students and alumni.

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