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Gisborne lawyer Tony Robinson contends councillors approved new $11 million rebuild plans on a “phenomenally-flawed presumption”. GISBORNE District Council is being asked to reveal why it has not produced documentation to show that it sought the cheapest solution to the earthquake-strengthening part of its main administration block, and is not needlessly demolishing and rebuilding another half-dozen structures.
After reading hundreds of pages of council documents and reports, having a structural engineer review the engineering reports, speaking to council staff, councillors, architects, urban designers and tenderers, Gisborne lawyer Tony Robinson says it appears to him that councillors approved new $11 million rebuild plans on a “phenomenally-flawed presumption”. GDC last week approved plans for a new administration centre to replace its 2005-built Fitzherbert Street offices. Mr Robinson says his own research shows the council did not ascertain the cost of strengthening just the two structures that are below minimum earthquake standards.
Documents shown to The Gisborne Herald show that the tenderers were asked to cost to 100 percent of code, when the legal standard is 34 percent of code.

Mr Robinson said it was no surprise that the quotes for strengthening were so high, as they unnecessarily included six additional structures. The cost of strengthening the Lawson Field Theatre and Rose Room is additional to the cost of the demolish-and-rebuild proposal. Mr Robinson said he had asked one of the tenderers to provide an indicative cost of strengthening the 1955 and 2001 structures, and had been told it would be about $2.48 million.
Earlier this year, GDC chief executive Judy Campbell told councillors that “extensive” investigations had shown the best option would be to construct a new building.
In a presentation to the council, she said while one might think it would be cheaper to repair “the sides” and keep the middle, ultimately — like any renovation job — sometimes it was a lot cheaper to “just start from the beginning”. A winter ban on logging trucks using "unsuitable roads" has been suggested by district councillors angry at the damage on the Motu Road "heritage trail" this year. Given Anthony holds a Law Degree from Monash University (one of Australia’s leading Universities) and a Master of Law degree: Master of Migration Law and Practice he ranks in the top 1% of Australian Migration Lawyers. The testimonial or endorsement does not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.
On what basis did the chief executive make the statement that ‘it is a lot cheaper to start from the beginning’ if the council never actually ascertained the cost to strengthen just ‘the sides’?

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