Three years after debuting its initial NBA Legends collection, and less than a year after unveiling its inaugural NBA Future Legends collection, Stance is excited to announce its new pack of NBA Legends and Future Legends in a Cartoon style.
The Cartoon styles are designed to fit the aesthetic of both hardcore NBA fans and sock enthusiasts.
The six pairs, and seven players, vary widely in terms of when they played in the NBA and who they played for. There is also a style that pays homage to Hall of Famer Scottie Pippen, of the Chicago Bulls, and a style that co-stars the iconic Utah Jazz duo of John Stockton and Karl Malone. Ministry agent George Stannard (Brian Anthony) is pursued across a windswept island by fishermen Main (Neil Phillips) and Ralph (Charles Bolton); he seeks sanctuary at a nearby monastery, but Father Trasker (Derek Farr) turns him over to them, who interrogate him with Brother Karl (Frank Gatliff). Steed interrupts Ralph ransacking of Stannard's apartment and sees him drive off in a distinctive Mercedes. Meanwhile, Gambit is delegated to stand in for the dead agent at a lecture on suspended animation given by the world's foremost authority, Professor Von Claus (Peter Cushing). Following the trail, Steed arrives at the island pretending to be on holiday, encumbered with a myriad of sporting equipment (sound familiar?), while Purdey sneaks ashore in scuba gear.
Steed infiltrates the monastery, and discovers that the monks are actually a troop of Nazis but is recognised as an impostor and he and Purdey are captured.

Threatened with the murder of his entire family, he is forced to revive the Führer, as part of Trasker's plans for a Fourth Reich. Steed and Purdey, now joined by Gambit, overpower the Nazis and burst in to stop the operation. The New Avengers round up the Nazis and exit the monastery whistling the Colonel Bogey March. More than that, from a performance perspective, they are engineered to be both durable and comfortable. It will be also be available at Fanatics, Fanzz, Dicks Sporting Goods, Foot Locker, NBA Store, Lids and other key global retailers. Steed and Purdey then visit his fisherman friend Barker (Jerold Wells) and witness Stannard's inert body come into harbour in a fishing boat.
He notices the Mercedes outside and asks the convener, Brown-Fitch (Trevor Baxter) whose it is.
Dorca, the remote island inhabited by the monks; here he is asked by Father Trasker to assist in reviving an injured member of their order who had been cryogenically frozen. Purdey meets a deranged old man, Hara (Sydney Bromley), who shows her a crashed Nazi plane.

Meanwhile, Claus has been recalled to revive the man a second time, but notices immediately it's a different man - he pulls away the sheet and is horrified to see the frozen body of Adolf Hitler! Trasker tries to kill then with a machine pistol but is shot by Gambit and his wayward bullets kill his beloved Führer. Brown-Fitch derides him for not knowing his own men's vehicles, and tells him it's Stannard's! Meanwhile, Steed's landlord Jud (Ronald Forfar), already suspicious of Steed, is more concerned when a fisherman finds Purdey's flippers. This initiative is based on the reality that "One Can Make a Difference." That means you and me! Gambit pumps the attractive Gerda (Trudi van Dorne) - for information about the crashed plane - and discovers it was reputed to be carrying "Germany's greatest treasure" across the Atlantic - past St. He takes a suicide capsule rather than talk and Gambit is left with one clue - the wig that concealed Ralph's tonsure.

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