Mental illness quote: "Whenever you find yourself doubting how far you can go, just remember how far you have come. Mental illness quote: "Sometimes when I say "I'm okay" I want someone to look me in the eyes hug me tight and say "I know you are not". Quote on mental health: "My mental illnesses do not care for social or personal etiquette or for what I want.
Quote on mental health: "The struggle you're in today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow.
Quote on mental health: "When you're surrounded by all these people, it can be even lonelier than when you're by yourself. Quote on mental health: "Self-esteem is as important to our well-being as legs are to a table. Quote on mental health: "Mental illness is the only disease that can make you deny its own existence.
Quote on mental illness: "Recovering is exhausthing, but achieving a state of hard-earned wellness is liberating. Whatever holds your interest that is POSITIVE will also attract to you emotional and physical energy. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0Responses are currently closed, but you can trackback.
This is a guest post from Brennan Smith – he’s going to share with you his 5 different tips to eliminate procrastination, boost your productivity and pursue success in your daily life, one task at a time! The biggest trigger of procrastination is if the task is too large, or new to us and overwhelming.
With one big tasks which will take 3 hours it seems such a chore to start, but break that project up into 9 20 minute bite sized chunks and before you know it you can do two of the 9 chunks and you are on a roll. However, if you first look at the breakdown and set a detailed timeline with quite specific deadlines then it will map out exactly what needs to be done and when in order to complete the task. You know that other people know about your plans and you don’t want to let them down or be seen to give up in their eyes. You can also possibly add extra power here by starting a competition with your friend or accountability partner. Something really simple you can do to make sure you make progress and continue on is to simply start well. Simply getting started clears your mindset, it stops you from thinking negatively and just gets you into a productive state of mind before you have chance to hesitate. Brennan Smith is an internationally renowned hypnotist and his specialist area is helping people to overcome procrastination (check out his stop procrastination hypnosis mp3s) and set their minds right for success.
He also offers 3 free hypnosis mp3s which are full sessions you can download to give hypnosis a try for yourself. So in honor of National Pet Day, on April 11, we are proud to present 37 of our favorite fitness “dogstagrams” (listed in no particular order). It’s not about the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog.

The next winter Olympics won’t be for a few more years, but Schnitzel will be ready to hit the slopes.
Beach bum Beau gets serious ups to catch a Frisbee while his sister Bella throws some shade at the camera. This gym dawg’s got perfect form for “up dog.” If you’re a human who’s got tight hips, this stretch is the perfect way to increase mobility. Mishka might have been born in Russia, but he looks right at home on American skier Gus Kentworthy’s shoulders.
Tennis champion Novak Djokovic may have a merciless serve, but it looks like he’s got a soft spot for some cuddly canines. Love means nothing in tennis, but love means everything when it comes to Venus Williams’ Havanese, Harry. Hiking, yoga, basketball, winter running — the dogs of DailyBurn keep their owners plenty active.
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The panic she had experienced in the warehouse district because of not knowing what had happened had been superseded at the newsstand by the even greater panic of partial knowledge.
One big task seems a mammoth to tackle, so a simple solution to make it easier on the mind is to break it down into bite sized chunks. Once you get started and make some progress then it has a feel good factor and a psychological effect of making you want to do more.
The trick is to simply concentrate on one chunk at a time, get it done and then move on to the next.
It is easy to procrastinate or ignore a task when you only have yourself to report to, but when other people are involved it adds extra pressure, a different element and motivator to the task and it motivates you to take action. Challenge them to pursue a goal too, and race either other to completion, or simply hold each other accountable. When you work from the same place over and over this is when bad habits can creep up on you, laziness and procrastination. Just go there with the mindset that for just one hour you are going to keep your head down and work on your tasks. His website, Natural Hypnosis is one of the largest and most respected hypnosis audio websites in the world, from which he offers over 100 different specific sessions for all areas of self improvement. But we’ve got something to confess: Our feeds might contain just as many puppies as pull-ups. Golden retrievers may be man’s best friend, but efficient, full-body exercises like overhead squats should be a close second.
This Instavid shows hounds and humans getting their jog on at a “Bark in the Park,” where participants complete a 5K race alongside their pets in St.
Von Krumm shares the same name as a fictional dog who’s the hero of several children’s picture books. Diesel, a contender in the 2015 Puppy Bowl, challenged Billy Turner of the Miami Dolphins to some tug of war.

Marnie frequently chills with celebs like James Franco, Tina Fey and Demi Lovato, but the senior rescue dog also appreciates a beautiful afternoon cycling outside.
With this movement, humans will strengthen their backs, glutes, triceps and, of course, their relationship with their furry friend.
His human, California-based personal trainer Hunter Cook, adds weight to reverse planks to challenge his core and glutes. That’s why Watch What Happens Live! host Andy Cohen brings his rescue dog Watcha to the gym.
Give a virtual belly rub to our fit furballs: Bailey, Baxter, Sammy, Louie, Nico, Pal, Chloe, Maggie and Thor. It puts a healthy dose of fear of failure into you to inspire you to work, and makes you want to live up to other people’s expectations. If you just mix it up a little bit it can really stimulate your mind and help you to just do what you are meant to be doing without procrastinating. He’s got perfect balance, and his human, American Ninja Warrior contestant Brent Steffenson, makes stand up paddleboarding looks easy.
Watch the Instavid to see him romp while his human hits tricks on the rails at a skate park. Her human, Theron, is an award-winning photographer who shares his gorgeous travels with Maddie via Instagram.
For humans, this fundamental yoga pose may help boost circulation, release tension and reduce back stiffness.
Check out the vid above to see Tillman cruise around with a big smile while teaching TV host Mark Allen, anchor for Good Day Sacramento, how it’s done.
BarkBox is a monthly subscription service for pet-themed products, and the company donates 10 percent of their profits to dogs in need. Even professional athletes like Venus Williams and Novak Djokovic love giving their furry sidekicks a moment in the spotlight through their ‘grams. For a canine POV, Go Pro now offers a special dog harness to attach your camera to your pooch’s chest or back. Even more heartwarming: The ASPCA uses their IG feed to promote animal adoption and prevent pet abuse.
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