String theory, also called superstring theory, is a fast-growing discovery in the field of physics. According to string theory, everything is based on minute strings--too small to be directly observed--that each, like violin strings, have a vibration. Many philosophers and scientists, discussing the spiritual implications of string theory, suggest that Deity is the source of the vibrations of the universe. Some also speculate that a general, cosmic vibration is Deity's presence in us, and that--on some levels--we are all connected. Chanting, or the use of sound as spiritual meditation and worship, is a long-held tenet in many religions, including Buddhism and the music of Hildegard of Bingen.
This list could continue, but the concepts are universal: For many people, vibration--experienced as sound--is an innate connection with our inner being, and perhaps Deity. But, there is another spiritual aspect of this: For string theory to be true--and it appears that it is--there must be at least ten dimensions, not just the three (plus time, a fourth) that we perceive. For centuries, perhaps longer, people have talked about alternative worlds that interact with ours. When psychics such as John Edward talk about "crossing over," where do people cross over to? If all possible outcomes and realities exist, will it be possible for us to see "what might have been" when we question past choices?
Is it possible that ley lines--the energy lines along which sacred sites were placed in ancient times--are paths of access to alternate worlds? It’s the same premise behind enormously successful books such as The Power of Positive Thinking, Dianetics, and The Secret.
If this were true, it would mean that children who suffer abuse, people who are victims of homicide, disease or war, all brought these ills upon themselves.

Jerry Hicks, a self-professed psychic, claims he learned how to channel spirits by using a ouija board. He eventually met and married Esther, who would at first denounced the ouija board as the instrument of the devil, but eventually warmed to the idea of contacting spirits.
After about nine months of meditating, Esther took notice of the way her head was bobbing around during the sessions and she suddenly realized what the  movement was – her nose was writing in the air.
Esther proceeded to spend about two hours every day writing out messages from Abraham with her nose. And then one day, just as the couple was driving on a freeway between two 18-wheelers, Esther got scared and said she felt her jaw wanting to move the way it does just before you yawn.
Needless to say, there are many serious problems with Jerry and Esther Hicks and all of the words of wisdom they claim to be getting from a lovable spirit guide (aka demon) named Abraham. Psychic activities, such as channeling, are expressly forbidden by the Church because of the grave danger a person invites upon themselves by dabbling around in the supernatural world. For this reason, the Catechism teaches us to reject all forms of divination such as consulting horoscopes, consulting psychics and mediums, conjuring the dead, etc.
The quality of that vibration determines the characteristics of the object, and perhaps our experiences, too. The most vivid example is when an opera singer hits a very high note, and nearby glasses resonate with a similar vibration. Gravity holds the planets in orbit, and maintains our physical connection with Earth as our planet spins in space.
From the University of Washington to Fermilab, and the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland (opens in 2007), scientists are aggressively studying where gravity goes when particles are smashed. The afterlife that he describes resembles our own world more than the classical portrayal of Heaven.

Does Deity live in one of these other worlds, and interact with alternative realities at whim?
When we see the movie, "It's a Wonderful Life," is Jimmy Stewart actually looking at one of those alternative realities? The prophets of this movement all believe that a person can create their own reality just by thinking it into existence. Later, in 1965, he discovered another purveyor of New Thought, Napolean Hill, whose book Think and Grow Rich gave him goosebumps all over. Wayne Dyer and Abraham of Abraham-Hicks now emphasize the power of thought and intention--also described as vibration--in creating our life experiences. According to these teachings, maintaining the appropriate vibration is the only sure way to attract what we want. But whether each slice is aware of it or not, the slices exist as part of the universal whole. They are nothing more than nebulous terms invented by New Agers, most of whom do not believe in the devil. We must still explain that only you could have caused it, for no one else has the power to attract what comes to you but you.
By focusing upon this unwanted thing, or the essence of it, you have created it by default” (p.

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