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A fully functional evaluation copy of Personal Numerologist and Professional Numerologist can be downloaded for free. Each birthday horoscope is correlated with a number from 1- 11. Below we have detailed what each number means. Make a quick examination to be sure that the sum of the vowels and the sum of the consonants add up to the total of the whole name. People with this name-number demonstrate great inner strength and have much potential for financial success and other accomplishments in life. That is the name on your birth certificate Some Numerologists believe (and I agree) that if you were adopted extremely young then your adopted name takes precedence, but that is the only exception. It's with this awareness we activate our free will to create our lives in such a way where we can be fully expressed about what we need and how to achieve those needs. Dr. Julia Stenton is credited both with raising awareness of Numerology in modern times in many parts of the world and with giving the name Numerology” to the Science of Names and Numbers. In numerology, a birth date tells us more about the path a person will take in life rather than their personality. Sensitive, intuitive and passionate, you are more the 'power behind the throne', rather than the leader - unless your name begins with A, J or S, or you were born from October to January (then 'leadership' is part of your daily theme). Please check your birth data on the title page to make sure the names and date of birth used are correct. By the time one creates a numerology chart he automatically comes in a way of learning numerology. Birthday numerology is used to reduce your birth date to a vibratory number by adding the day of the month, the number of the month and all the digits that make up the year. The day we are born,our birth date number rules on Tamil Numerology, Numerology In Tamil, Numerology In Tamil Language Free, Tamil Numerology, Tamil Numerology Names, | numerology birth date us and gives us all positive vibrations. The 6 energy first name person tends to put people on pedestals, which then topple, much to their dismay. The two most popular name analysis systems are based on Chaldean and Pythagorean Numerology. About Astro connects you with Jenna, who sends your free reading to your email address. But for men this is opposite, they only want love from a women therefore for them girlfriend and wife are the same, because of this reason planet Venus rule both girlfriend and wife in a men chart or life. Number 3 stands for morality, pure love and justice with mercy and is known as the greatest benefic and the uplifter. The name we receive is a reflection of everything we are, everything we will do, everything that makes us us” in the first place. The calculation of the numerical equivalents of letters in Hebrew is called ''Gematria'' - better known as the Hebrew Numerology Calculation. It appears this is a organised syndicate looting the masses ang bringing bad name to the astrology,thanks for your efforts and courage. You also may be subject to additional terms and conditions that may apply when You use affiliate or other HubPages services (such as Impression services), third-party content or third-party software. Because of this, there may be some difficulty in giving or receiving affection.queen Elizabeth 1, Charles Dickens, Oscar Wilde, Sir Isaac Newton, William Wordsworth and Billy Graham were born under the number 7. Numerology / Astrology (from now on referred to as Hermetica) also became a recurring phenomenon in the bible, particularly the Tamil Numerology, Numerology In Tamil, Numerology In Tamil Language Free, Tamil Numerology, Tamil Numerology Names, | numerology birth date KJV. Mike Madigan is a Master Numerologist who combined his experience in software development with his passion for the practice of divination through numerology. An authoritative, full, complete reading may be impossible to get on the internet. This number shows your attitude and outward personality (similar to Personality Number from name consonants). It frees your heart from the binds of meaningless routine work, and gives you a brighter future to look forward to. Everyday will be a new day, where you wake up and say, This is a day to play!” And off you go, out to make tons of money and live the high life. Even if you have changed name numerology reading will be based on your current name. There is also love calculator and love meter with which you can find out love percentage. Tags: couples,31 11,tamil | numerology birth date, name numerology as per date of birth, numerology by date of birth, numerology birth dates compatibility, numerology calculator name and date of birth

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