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In a single sentence : Numerology is the study of numbers, study of the date and year of one's birth to determine their influence on one's future life. Like many others, several decades ago, I was attracted to many of the metaphysical sciences and especially numerology. The two cold war superpowers being alluded to, the symbolism of the toy tank on the nightstand, Wendy's lipstick canister, the place where their Armageddon takes place being room number 3, a Biblical allusion, and most importantly an ancient prediction of the actual date when all this will happen. To find the value of you name say your name is Alf you find A in the table and above it is the number 1, you then look for L and above it is 3, and finally F above it is 6. Using the chart below, write down the numbers that correspond with only the consonants of your name. Numerology makes us aware of our inner-selves, who we really are and what makes us tick. Meanwhile, Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, is marked by the combined lunisolar Chinese calendar, so the date changes from year to year. A number derived from all of the letters in your FULL BIRTH NAME make up what is called the Expression or Destiny number. The Power number has many names: Ultimate, Reality, and Number of Power to name a few. You just need to input your name and date of birth and click on the `submit' link and within a few moments, the online numerology calculator will provide you with specifics of your successful number, its value, along with a detailed prediction regarding your long term future. According to modern numerology, your name and date of birth can tell a lot about you including your natural strengths and weakness, your soul's destiny and even hidden talents. Because Number One affects the way it does, people with a Birthday Number of Three and a Life Path of One tend to follow their own path, and maybe this path is a new one which they have forged. The 3 First Name energy is optimistic and fun-loving, and strives to uplift and colour its surroundings. The feeling of being blocked is represented in the configuration wherein the Grand Cross is surrounded by walls, which most likely forms the square in the birth chart. As the year has it's seasons and the moon has it's cycles so too does your life follow a pattern from birth. Different numerologists will use different diagrams for the numerology charts they use to do their interpretations. Twenty two is considered a master number that represents the 22 letters of the first Hebrew alphabet as well as the Tree of Life, the basis of most Numerology. It becomes very necessary to bring out your hidden talent so that you can go ahead in your life. Numerology originated approximately in one thousand BCE when Roman and Hebrew numbers consisted of letters of the alphabet and the number zero had not yet been invented. If you have set out to calculate the Birthdate Numerology Compatibility of yourself and your prospective partner, the first thing you need to do is adding together all of the birthday digits for you and Free Name Numerology Reading Will Reveal Your Destiny | numerology birth date your potential companion respectively. This free numerology compatibility calculator will close got to our Sellers for payment. The daily readings we offer here combine your birthdate and birth name with the current date in order to uncover words of particular relevance to you today. If a numerologist finds that the vibrations related to a person's name are affecting him or her negatively in his or her life, he may suggest few changes in the name to make the vibrations positive. Tags: predictions,between to,excel | pyramid numerology calculator free download, free numerology readings for career, numerology calculator name and date of birth in tamil, numerology by name and date of birth, free numerology calculator in hindi

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