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The thing you must realize is that Vedic astrology is so complex, that if I give you a chart with the planets in the same angles and houses, but one sign shifted over (as is often the case when translating between charts) you can still find so many factors to explain the person. All cultures around the World have for thousands of years looked towards the Sun, Moon and Stars for life guidance. Zodiac elements are extremely symbolic with the astrology sign that they represent and will help you gain a greater understanding of people's zodiac signs and what they do in life. As per the Taurus horoscope for 2016, beginning of January will bring ups & downs for your health. The natives of numerology number five are not the people of serious arena but they possess a very affectionate and loving core for which they share warmth and love around and make many friends and good relations. Haha.. I bet your family is an interesting combination with all those Scorpio placement :) I too am a pretty sweet guy for a Scorpio.. till of course sht happens.. LOL!! But this (sun) and the 7th lord are now being aspeted by Gochara Guru which happens to be the lord of the lagna in natal chart. For those who are interested in the Age-old tenets of these ancient sciences, here is a concise compilation of the basics for understanding the certus Numerology Readings system of numero-psychometric analysis. Taurus horoscope compatibility depends a little too much on getting his or her own way to really cope with the free spirited Sagittarius on a long term basis. So I checked out my moon and I'm a cancer of which I don't think I relate to at all Anyway awesome post , thuroughly enjoyed reading through ! Sagittarius horoscope 2015 will give you an insight about your future possibilities in 2015. The exact time of each particular effect is mentioned in the daily horoscope interpretation and all this is provided absolutely free. There will be continuity in your earning process in 2015, as predicted by Aries horoscopes 2015. It is not BCOS of his horoscope BUT rather your mom's life is merely REFLECTED in his horoscope - Please share you mom's birth details and I can check....As a person born on 20 (2 - Chandra) such a comment would give great pains your brother psychologically!! As per the Sagittarius horoscope 2015 predictions, the year doesn't seem favorable for finances, as significator of wealth is posited in the eighth house, during the first part of the year. The 2016 Feng Shui forecasts show that career related decisions will need to be made with a calm and clear mind. Gemini is the natural-born salesman but is also capable of having more than august 26 birthday horoscope avenue of incomevocation; Libra august 26 birthday horoscope the diplomatartist; Cancer is the professional carer; Leo is the performerclownhero. The order of these astrological signs is Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. Scorpio loves mystery and there's not a single one that crosses his path he won't solve in detail. Not only am I a tiger by virtue of the Chinese zodiac, but I'm also a Leo according to the western Zodiac. With a full moon and eclipse in your sign you can expect some sudden changes and deep transformation. Since, the basic purpose of marriage is the regeneration of offspring, a fruitful marriage greatly depends upon biological compatibility. Just looking at the birth of Christ would tell you that it was OK for God's people to rejoice and gather together in celebration of a birth (Luke 2). God Himself rejoiced when Jesus was born. Those born under Pisces are also compassionate individuals who are very sympathetic. This Uranus sign change or ingress only occurs once every 7 years and is often associated with significant events. The Chinese 2016 horoscope asks you to train yourself to look at the details rather than only the big picture Sex will be an integral part of all your love relationships. In fact, I have 6 planets in retrograde in my birth chart, which I assumed was the reason I feel my soul is old, lol. Tags: cancer,lifestyles,february | horoscope signs in order, compatibility pisces chart, my horoscope sign virgo, vedic horoscope 2015 by date of birth, birthday horoscope today year ahead

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