how to order

1. Select what paper product you would like to order. For example, notepads, note cards, etc.

2. How many would you like to order? For example - pack of 10 note cards, 2 small notepads, etc.

3. Pick your doo lollie. This means what image would you like to use? To view all doo lollies, visit the link below that reads "pick doo lollies".

4. Choose your colors if they differ from those on the doo lollie pages. You can pretty much choose any color combo you would like.

5. Provide all personalization details. What name would you like to use? Where would you like the name in relation to the doo lollie? Do you want to use all lowercase? Please be as specific as possible.

6. Send an email to with all of the details above.

Orders will take 3 weeks to be shipped. Shipping rates will be provided to you at the time your order is received. Orders will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail unless otherwise specified.