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They concluded that the crossbred offspring of WPGs and Fouseks were no longer true griffons and in 1991 the AKC agreed, recognizing the second group, who made up the American Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Association, as the parent club for the WPG in the U.S. While there is no absolute certainty about how Korthals developed the patriarchs of the breed, the ancestry of the true griffons may have been an ancient breed called the Griffon Hound. Jon Pease noted that he has hunted in many different states for a variety of game with his griffons and they have been effective wherever and whatever he is hunting.
What does not come to mind when considering this densely populated, low-lying country with its restrictive hunting and gun laws is a fine pointing dog breed.

The WPG, or Korthals’ griffon as it was known in the early days, was developed to be a hardy, close-working dog capable of working in the polders, the marshy low-lying ground common to the Netherlands.
There are a number of griffon breeders in North America who have conformation and field-titled dogs. Yet that’s what Holland has given to hunters in the form of the wirehaired pointing griffon.
Griffons are difficult to train to these levels because they are too smart and too soft, particularly if you have not done the right things with them.

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