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A recent study in Finland found that babies who live in houses with pets are usually healthier, suffering from fewer colds, ear infections, and respiratory tract infections and symptoms.
Noting that the families with dogs had healthier babies than the families with cats, the researchers are theorizing that dirt brought in by dogs, who are more often outside, exposes the children to more germs, building up the babies’ immune systems.
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The study also found that the babies with cats and dogs received fewer antibiotics in their first year. Smart dogs keep this in mind if they later they need to nicely tell someone to move away, please.  Maybe a lick will do the trick! However, when my daughter-in-law was nursing the baby or especially when the baby cried, Liily (our dog) became very hyper and wanted to get to the baby to lick her!

She likes to pet them (I only allow her to pet two of them (the two oldest and most well-trained) very very rarely because I actually got bit by one of the little girl rescues when I was pregnant… so those 2 dogs are 100% off limits to her).

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