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A dog barking continuously can be downright annoying to many…the neighbors, people passing by, and even its owners. So, out of consideration for everyone that lives around them, they usually don’t leave this dog out for too long…thank goodness! They’re trying their best to protect their pack, which is you and the rest of the family, by barking at whatever causes them these fears and uncertainties. Once it is established that YOU are the leader and your dog is not, then many if not most of these problems such as excessive barking, howling, digging, chewing, etc.
Leave the TV or radio on for your dog — these can help to distract your dog and relax them. Herbal remedies — there are different products that can help relax your dog, but these do not really treat the cause of your dog barking.
Comfort jackets — there are a variety of jackets and shirts that are supposed to relax a dog, but they can be expensive. Excessive barking dogs can be a very stressful situation to handle for the owners and the neighborhood.

Today, I was just talking to a dog owner who was trying to coax his hyperactive dog to sit – the rough way. These dogs are either fearful, stressed, and uncertain about whether something is a threat to them or their pack. The problem is, these dogs have been lead to think they are in charge and are the pack leader. It becomes agitated and stressed out when you leave since you are the follower, a part of its pack. There’s a $1 trial of the site that you can take advantage of right now and learn how to become the pack leader and so much more. These can be used for awhile, but can become quite expensive in the long run since you’ll have to keep using it. I corrected him and showed him how to use low voice commanding voice instead and for a good 20 minutes, we were able to have a decent conversation (no shouting whatsoever) while the dog sat composed, satisfied with just the occasional patting on his head. It can be very stressful, not to mention frustrating when a dog is constantly barking or not doing something you want it to, like sit and be quiet.

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I've either already tried them with my dogs or found they have very good reviews by other dog owners who have already tried the product.
Your dog thinks it is his or her responsibility to take care of you since it is the leader of the pack. It all depends on the weather in your area, and please do NOT leave your dog outside all day if you wouldn’t be comfortable out there yourself.
Yelling or being rough doesn’t help at all, it only makes the dog stressed and anxious, not more willing to cooperate or able to understand what you want it to do.
Like one of the next door neighbors was outside mowing the lawn or a visitor was at our door.

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