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But much as barking can be, licking is also a multi-faceted tool that seems to play many roles in canine behavior and, consequently, tends towards many different interpretations. Licking can play a role in the solicitation of resources, as when pups lick their mothers as a precursor to feeding or when lower-ranking pack members lick their superiors in the hopes of an invitation to dine on communal prey. Extreme licking tends to be defined not so much by the dog as it is by the human beholder of the behavior. All dog owners observing this behavior are encouraged to seek out the assistance of a veterinarian or veterinary behaviorist for assistance.

The bottom line is that most of the time, dogs will lick their people as a sign of affection. Dogs learn that when they lick their owners they get more attention, so they come to incorporate licking into more and more of their daily behaviors. Finding a veterinary behaviorist or certified dog trainer to aid in this process is strongly recommended. Dogs who suffer certain types of obsessive-compulsive behaviors may manifest these as excessive licking.

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