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While you may be amazed at the closeness you feel with you dog and the similarity in behavior between dogs and people, dogs are still a different species with foreign behavior. Licking is a submissive behavior that dogs use to appease bigger or more dominant dogs when they are afraid, attempting to resolve a conflict or trying to demonstrate their submissiveness.
While humans tend to rely primarily on their eyes, dogs have much stronger noses than people. Some of the dogs in these photographs may well be licking their nose because they are unsure what is happening with the camera. David Ruffley MP is like the worst sort of shit which, once trodden in, is virtually impossible to remove from your shoes.
Anyone with two dogs will probably tell you that dogs definitely feel jealousy—and it’s true!
Just like playing with your pup, GEICO’s customer service is sure to brighten your day—it’s tail-waggingly good. Face and nose-licking is one dog behavior that leaves many people befuddled, but it makes perfect sense to dogs. Both wild dogs and wolves lick their parents' faces to encourage their parents to regurgitate food into their mouths.
Some dogs lick their owners' faces when they are fearful or in an attempt to calm an angry owner down. Owners may also inadvertently reward licking by giving dogs lots of attention or treating the licks like kisses.
Some dogs lick to get a better smell, or lick to get more information about something they've smelled.

While it's tempting to simply go with the old chestnut of an answer - because they can - there are a number of reasons why a dog might lick its own nose. While people breathe in and out the same way, canines breathe in through their nostrils and out through the slits found on the sides of the nose. Dogs have a lot of bacteria and yeast that grow on their paws as a result of moisture that gets caught in the many folds and pockets between their toes. A recent study confirmed that your pet gets a little miffed when you start petting other dogs on the side. Usually the owner will have a specific spot for the hound and use a command word like, “go time” or, “do your business,” so they’ll know when to clean up. If you’re curious about how much dog name trends change, here are some popular ones from Medieval times: Blawnche, Nosewise, Smylfeste, Bragge, Holdfast, Zaphyro, Zalbot, Mopsus, and Mopsulus. The secretions released by glands in the rump tell other animals things like the dog’s gender, diet, and mood.
A study asked dog owners to place a treat in front of their dogs, tell them not to eat it, and then walk away. The dog then learns that licking is a good behavior that will solicit affection from the owner. Moreover, the part of the brain dedicated to smell is 40 times larger in dogs than in humans.
In some trials, the dogs were scolded regardless of whether they had eaten the treat or not; in other trials, they were not scolded at all.
One explanation is that dogs repeatedly lick their nose throughout the day to keep it clean.

The bacteria Proteus or Pseudomonas are the likely parties guilty of giving your hound’s feet that distinct tortilla smell. The negative connotation is likely a result of the increase in illegal dog fighting in the 1980s. Scientists recorded the reactions of the dogs and looked for jealous signs such as pushing the owner or snapping. The results showed that the dogs always looked guilty when scolded, but dogs that weren’t reprimanded for bad behavior made no face at all. Many dogs lick their owners' faces because they smell like food the owners have recently eaten. Doggy kisses are also a way for your pet to feel better: Licking releases endorphins that calm and relieve stress. The study found that dogs displayed many jealous tendencies and made attempts to break the owner away from the rival. Dogs don’t sweat the way humans do, so they pant and let off extra heat through their noses.

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