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You may not believe this easily but if you see your dog licking himself, he is, most probably, trying to clean him up. Keep an eye on your dog to spot excessive licking as it could indicate that the glands have to be expressed. When your dog licks his own wounds, the tissue factor in the saliva promotes the blood clotting mechanism. When a dog licks, Endorphins are released, and these play a vital role in relaxing your dog. If you’re wondering how to stop your dog from licking himself, then take care of his parasite situation. Many people adore the licks from their dogs as they see it as a way to express their affection.
And if you wondered why do dogs lick that much, then this post will clear a lot of things up for you.

And since your dog has a dog brain, even when it is away from dogs, it is pretty natural for him to come and lick your face to show some respect.
When your dog comes and licks you, it is just trying to tell you to spend some time with him. This can be very cute in the beginning, but a lot of people will find it annoying as you don’t want your face licked very often. If you are keen to prevent this behavior, continue reading as we discuss how to stop dogs from licking, later in this post. There are chances that some food particles might be left on your face, and your dog will lick it with all his energy. Whenever your dog licks himself, you or anything, he might just be trying to relax himself. If he smells something is different on you, then he’ll lick you to see if anything as changed.

They lick your face and arms and use the scent in your sweat and find out if you are stressed. But if he is licking the same spot over and over again, it might be a good idea to take a look at it.
If you are one of those guys who say that my dog won’t stop licking me, you can follow a simple method to stop it slowly. Since you are both the pack leader and the parent, your dog licks your face when he is hungry.

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