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My dog has a large open wound and my veterinarian recommended leaving it open to heal rather than repairing it with sutures.
The belief that human wounds can heal faster when licked by dogs dates all the way back to ancient Egypt, when dogs were used in healing practices. Nerve growth factor — a protein that one study found to cut a wound’s healing time in half. The Egyptians believed that being licked by a dog, especially on an open wound, would aid in recovery or even cure the disease causing the illness.
According to Psychology Today, “the saliva of a dog’s tongue acts to loosen any debris that may be on the surface of the wound.
For example, cats' and dogs' mouths contain a bacteria called Pasteurella that could cause a skin infection called cellulitis in humans if transmitted onto a wound. Both women were infected with capnocytophaga canimorsus, a bacteria found in the mouths of cats and dogs, after one was bitten by a dog and the other was believed to have contracted it in some way from her 1-year-old pup.

Level of contamination - clean (surgical) wounds, contaminated (infected), etc.-->--> Your veterinarian has considered all of these factors when deciding the best way to treat a specific wound. If dogs' saliva was a safe and effective way to treat a cut, it probably would have been bottled up by some big pharmaceutical company by now. A contaminated wound that is more than a few hours old should never be closed without surgical debridement (removal of all the contaminated or dead tissue), and in some cases this may result in more permanent damage than treating the wound medically and leaving it open to heal.
Stick with good old-fashioned soap and water to disinfect your wounds, and keep them clear of Fido’s mouth. However, if there is gross contamination or deep infection present, the wound will be left open for topical treatment and to ensure drainage.
Your veterinarian may need to anesthetize your dog to remove foreign material and dead tissue from the wound. If the wound cannot be surgically closed, your veterinarian will apply a protective bandage if this is possible.

Some general care guidelines include: In order to help the healing process, it is important that the wound and surrounding area is gently cleaned to remove any crusty or sticky debris. This will keep the wound edges clean, reduce the potential for re-infection, and allow new healthy tissue to develop. Many dogs will require a protective collar (Elizabethan or E-collar) to prevent them from injuring the site.

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