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How about you pee on a damn stick and stop relying on your weird fetish dog and yahoo for all the answers.
This kind of bizarre Jonestown following is what  leads to cults of dog training with sycophantic followers that are willing to pay to lick the feet of the ‘The One, The True, The Light, The Dog Trainer™’. Either way, get off Yahoo answers and get the dog back before they get hit by a car, dumbass.

They’ve proven themselves in the field, they have dogs with titles, and they started off as someone that was just getting what they had to say about dogs out there. This particular MGC has several dogs of fairly easy pet breeds (Poodles, Shelties etc) none of which have any overwhelmingly extreme personality traits. Just assume that any dogs the MGC owns could be fixed with a weekend of good training or a new owner.

She even had the nerve of bragging about one of her dogs almost biting someone that “walked up too quickly”.

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