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Curcumin can provide and support a healthy immune system, this is especially important with the Canine Flu going around. So, if you are thinking what I’m thinking (that this supplement does it all!) then you should try it out yourself! Toppl Treat Toy: Traps treats with its inner ridges and tips over to keep dogs entertained. When your dog is on a commercial kibble diet or even a high quality kibble diet, it can be hard for them to digest the kibble properly. Once you switch your diet over to a more balanced diet, including probiotics and digestive enzymes, or just completely switching over to raw foods, you will no longer have to be disgusted by the sight of your dog eating its own poop.
There are many other reasons that grooming is something you should do monthly with any breed of dog from Maltese’ to Labs to shorthaired Chihuahuas.
Some people may say that you shouldn’t bathe your dog that much because it can dry out the skin. If your dog does happen to have mats when you bring him or her in to get groomed, then be sure to try out our body butter for that as well.
Zignature is a high quality food and has 5 different flavors so you have the option to rotate. We also carry Nose butter, and Boo Boo Butter all made of the same ingredients so it can be used for all issues.
Also, in the summer the ground can get too hot and burn your pets paws, Paw butter is a great way to keep protected!
It is a very powerful anti-inflammatory, especially for dogs with arthritis or joint issues. No one likes seeing their dog eating its own fecal matter, then coming inside to lick our faces. Anything that is cooked is tougher for the dog to digest, compared to raw food in which all nutrients are fully digested. We have plenty of options for digestive enzymes and probiotics that we can recommend at our store that we even give our own dogs! Well if he is, or if you are yourself, it’s definitely that time of year where your dog can be ruining the lawn because of its urine. The crazy thing is that these new treats contain cod, and my Chihuahua (who hates fish) goes bonkers for them!

They come in three different flavors from Apple wrapped in cod skin, Sweet potato wrapped in cod skin, and plain ole’ cod skin jerky.
Its unique processing, the liquid colostrum has never been heated, retaining the full complement of antibodies, natural growth factors, and nutrients missing in powdered colostrum.
In large litters, where puppies may be competing for mother’s milk, small daily doses of Re-Borne help convert nutrition to energy – and support the immune system. These benefits are especially useful with rescue dogs, who often have issues related to poor nutrition and abuse. When your groomer is bathing your dog they might notice things that you haven’t noticed before on your dog. It comes in Turkey, Trout and Salmon, Lamb, Duck and a Zssential formula which is a multi-protein of all the flavors mentioned. The liver removes waste and toxins from the body, stores energy, and plays a role in digestion. Tito is not much of a beggar either, he will literally go to the cabinet and whine until I give him one of these treats.
Bovine colostrum is the first form of milk produced by the mammary glands of mammals prior to giving birth, and for the first few days thereafter, until it actually turns to milk.
Mats are very painful and uncomfortable so taking extra steps to prevent them is going to help your pooch so much!
They might notice lumps you haven’t seen before or any other kind of bumps that could be alarming. Ours will nourish the skin and coat- so it’s actually a benefit the more you bring your pup! Another benefit of Curcumin is its ability to detoxify the body, purify the blood, stimulate bile production in the liver, and if applied to wounds it will cleanse and stimulate recovery. When they do ingest their poop, they are just trying to tell us that they aren’t getting enough nutrients from their food and are trying to seek it out in the undigested parts in their poop. Unless you’re feeding raw foods that naturally already have probiotics and enzymes in them, I always will recommend a digestive enzyme and probiotic- even on a high quality kibble diet.
Nutrient-rich colostrum provides the essential passive transfer of immunity from mother to newborn mammal. It is also low in the glycemic index because it has chickpeas instead of potatoes, which are high in the glycemic index.

Probiotics will help balance the bad and good flora in the intestines and help keep the immune system functioning at tip top shape.
I finally tried something different, which I believe to be the most amazing supplement out there: Re-Borne.
Bovine colostrum contains the full complement of immune supporters, antibodies, growth factors, antioxidants, vitamins, proteins and minerals that support healthy immune function, and address the root causes of illness and infection. Also, when drying the dog they can easily see the skin closely to notice any differences that needs to be aware of that you might have never noticed. It’s perfect for dogs with allergies, or even dogs who need to lose a few pounds since grain and potato based diets can contribute to those issues. Even my own dog is on this food because she is allergic to everything, and it’s the only food that has been working great for her! It can help the skin with hot spots or other inflammations, intestinal disorders, yeast, allergies, appetite stimulation, bacterial infection, autoimmune diseases, and more. I highly recommend you try out this treat for your pup, even if they aren’t a big fish fan. Our body butter is a Shea butter we have in our spa that pulls out all the hair underneath and helps the coat so much. By doing the bath and a good blow out on her coat there’s absolutely no shedding in my home! If you have a dog with allergies that requires a limited diet or even if your dog has no issues, then I recommend you try out Zignauture. Since it’s been extra cold out my shepherd’s paws have started cracking, but even with one “pawdicure” at night with the paw butter her pads are so much softer the next day.
They literally lay over on their back and give me their paws, because they know their being pampered!

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