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Dog barks at human to beg for the food the human is eating, human absentmindedly hands the dog a piece. Dog is on a leash and pulls the leash tight to sniff where it pleases as the owner talks to another human. Owner corrects the dog by yelling the dog’s name over and over again, but never actually addresses the dog with any type of body language.
Owner corrects a dog long after the deed was done and the dog has moved onto other thoughts. Little dog is in a heightened, excited, dominant state as it barks at people and other dogs passing by while sitting on owner’s lap. People trying to win over an aggressive dog's affection with words of praise and affection. Owners going for a family walk with the kids and allowing the dog to walk in front of the stroller or a walking child. Example of dog being misunderstood: Dog has an injury and is supposed to take it easy for a while. At the vet in the waiting room watched a 12-week-old Great Dane puppy, cute as can be with huge paws and big floppy ears, jump on their owner while they were sitting on the bench and get petted for doing so. While out on a walk I often see owners attempt to teach their dog not to react to my dogs by completely stopping and trapping their dogs in a corner. More often than not, the communication between the canine animal and the human is not in sync.
Owner comes out of house, stops at doorstep and starts screaming at the dog, very emotional. Whatever the dog is doing at the moment you make the correction is what the dog will think you are upset about. Dog paused, but still had her snoot in the doorway and was tense in posture, showing she did not give in to the idea.
Guest sees second dog lay down next to the crate that the injured dog is in and comments that second dog looks worried about the injured dog. The dog's owner calls over to the other person, my dog is just trying to say 'hi' to you, never correcting the dog and blowing off their dogs actions as no big deal. Knowing people do not want to hear random dog advice from a stranger I started wishing I was not seeing the interaction because it is hard to watch and not help out. There is no difference between that 5-pound Yorkie and that 90-pound German Shepherd in regards to the meaning behind the behavior.

Human turns the dog’s head back to get the dog to look at them, thinking the dog should look at them when being reprimanded.
Remember, however the dog is feeling or acting at the time of the reward is what you are telling the dog you agree with.
What these owners are doing is teaching their dogs that passing another dog is a big event. Later when their dog bites the owner will act amazed claiming their dog has never done that before and has never shown any warning signs. At this point the dog is only reacting and not thinking, hence the screams and the fight and this could lead to a bite. I decided to write down what I see in hopes of helping others out there understand how to communicate with their canines. When actually the dog turning away was the dog communicating to the human that the dog did not wish to challenge them. What you should be doing is teaching your dog that passing another dog is no big deal and to keep on walking.
In the human world making eye contact when being spoken to is respect, however in the dog world staring straight into one’s eyes can be taken as a challenge. Puppy has a higher chance of growing up to be dog aggressive or to be attacked by another dog that does not like its lack of manners. Whether you like to use food as a distraction or if you simply wish to tell the dog to walk because that is part of life, be sure to keep moving.
Generally you want to make the dog release an object it has in its mouth without force by teaching it to "drop it". Getting a dog into a crate must be done calmly and the crate must be associated with something positive. When you are not consistent your dog will not listen to you as she will know that 'sometimes' she is allowed. Locking a dog up for the day in a crate to sit and think about what she did earlier in the day and expect that to fix the dog's behavior is so far off the mark in how dog’s really think it's astonishing. I think part of her fear came from an encounter we had with some very pushy and aggressive little girls that approached us in the park during her socialization period. These types of trainers may be good at teaching a dog to sit and do tricks, but they will never fix behavior issues with that lack of understanding of the dog’s true nature.
Not long after that incident, she would sometimes emit a low, quiet growl when kids would approach her.

I wanted Haley to feel comfortable around children and I wanted to be able to take her anywhere without worrying about how she might react to people. We first visited parks and watched children play at a distance where Haley was comfortable and relaxed and she got plenty of treats and praise for her cooperation. When we would pass children on our walks, I would create more distance to keep her comfortable and again, she got lots of yummy treats and affection. I don’t mean to imply that everything you need to know about fixing an issue with a reactive dog is found in the paragraph above. I just wanted to give a real example of how Haley’s anxiety issue was treated because she was initially able to communicate her fearfulness to me by growling. Confronting her or reacting back with an aggressive attitude will likely escalate her reaction and diminish trust.7. Put together a game plan.After analyzing the situation, create a plan to help your dog overcome her issue.
I praise my dogs for growling at someone because I know they have a very good reason for doing it and what they have told me is exactly what I want my traveling guard dogs to tell me. If I am unable to protect them from the situation they are speaking to me about through their growl, I have trained a whole lot of counter cues to keep things from further escalating. It does take time and patience to counter condition but, especially when you find the one thing that really works to make our dog comfortable, it can solve any issue.
Reply Chasing Dog Tales May 27, 2015 at 1:57 pm Thanks so much and thank you for sharing the post! Our dog’s growls sound quite harsh to the stranger, but all he really wants is to play! It’s also interesting to watch two dogs playing together and growling, sometimes the play escalates and gets more serious until someone has had enough or a little scuffle breaks out.
Poodle At Play May 27, 2015 at 9:36 am Thank you for this post, because my Mom has said she needs to start working more with me on some issues I have with people while walking. I tried to be as calm and composed as possible, and just continued walking, looking straight ahead.

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