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Dogs love bacon as much as humans do, but the kind of bacon that we tend to eat, whether it’s pre-prepared and microwaveable, or the sort we fry in a pan, is just not good for our dogs. The other potential drawback to cabbage for dogs, whether cooked or raw, is something that humans regularly experience as well. In limited amounts, and preferably cooked or boiled, cabbage can be a healthy treat for dogs. As we’ve seen, in standard recipes for bacon or corned beef and cabbage, only cabbage, carrots, and potatoes can be considered truly safe for our dogs.

If dog farts are a regular occurrence in your home, you may want to avoid encouraging more of them.
Even then, these ingredients shouldn’t be served to dogs in the way humans prepare them for themselves. If you must share corned beef with your dog, let it be only rarely and in very small amounts.
If your dog is a chewer, a fresh carrot or carrot stick, washed off to remove any hint of pesticides or other chemical treatments, is perfectly safe and healthy for your dog.

This causes a condition called hemolytic anemia, which prevents a dog’s blood from providing oxygen to the body. Even if I cannot share the finished meal with my dog, I’m more than happy to tell her about it on our next walk!

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