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Small, miniature or toy dog breeds often don't need a whole lot of space or exercise, they eat less.. All of these 'pros' are what make all types of small dogs very popular with people and families of all ages and sizes. Mini Pee Wee indoor portable dog pottyRascal Dog Litter Box "Little Squirt" (tm) - DESIGNED JUST FOR TOY BREEDS! Another problem with the really tiny, miniature or toy dog breeds, is that they can be very fragile and easily injured.
All the types of small dogs mentioned above are purebred dogs, but there are other small breed options.
Many small mixed breed dogs are available through private sales or local pounds, rescue centers or shelters.
Probably one of the best known designer dog breeds is the Labradoodle - a cross between a Labrador and a Poodle.

This expanded (and updated) edition of the classic 'The Irrepressible Toy Dog', has everything you need to know in order to raise that tiny, furry, bundle of personality you've added to your family! Distemper In Dogs Nov 18, 15 10:21 PMDistemper in dogs is caused by a contagious virus and is a very serious disease. Top 12 Smartest Dog Breeds Nov 18, 15 09:14 PMFind out which are the smartest dog breeds, and what makes them so clever. The Chihuahua, Maltese and Papillon are among the small dog breeds who fit into this category. Check out this link to a great site with tons of quality information on all types of small dog breeds (pictures & profiles included). With the simple swipe of a cheek swab, Wisdom Panel Insights can determine the ancestry of a mixed-breed dog by testing for more than 185 breeds, the largest database on the market. Obvious and not-so-obvious physical traits plus behaviors like digging, herding and barking all come from the various breeds in a dog’s family tree.

Within three weeks, dog owners will be e-mailed an official Ancestry Report that reveals the dog’s genetic background. Once an owner understands a dog’s natural tendencies, it makes it possible to create a tailored training, exercise and nutrition program to fit his one-of-a-kind needs.
Guidelines (again not set-in-stone) for a teacup-sized dog would be one that matures to weight less than 4 lbs and be no taller than 8". Wisdom Panel Insights, the most comprehensive mixed-breed cheek swab DNA test on the market, can help explain a mixed-breed dog’s ancestry.

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