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Answer: Neither of those breeds do have webbed feet, so if he does indeed have webbed toes, it is likely there is some other breed in his background as well. Just checked Sam's, he has a small webbing which I think is necessary in all dogs to some degree. I just washed Champ's feet and checked, the webbing goes to the end of each pad but is not very stretchy.

Infact, dog's that are not spayed or neutered have a greater chance of developing life-threatening diseases such as testicular or mammary tumours. The webbed feet on water working dogs allows the animals to swim faster and more efficiently.Newfoundlands are strong water working dog breeds and have excellent swimming abilities.
Breeding females also have a much higher risk of developing life-threatening womb infections.

Spots on a dog's tongue, usually ranging from black to blue in color, can occur in any breed, but some dogs are more prone.

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