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Horses are a great animal to have in the game Survivalcraft, whether you're using them as an easy way of transportation or just keeping them as pets. If you'd like, you can build multiple horse stables, attach them together, and build your own ranch. Meet Lojjik, a college student and wikiHow Admin and Booster, who has been active in the community for over 8 years. But building a safe, easily accessible shelter for them can be a bit tricky if you're new to the game. This is because horses can jump over one block high fences, meaning that they can easily escape.

Saddle the horses and remember to close the gate after entering and leaving to keep them from escaping. This article will teach you how to build simple and efficient horse stables in Survivalcraft. Put fence gates in the opening and places another layer on them, too; horses can jump over anything that is one block high.
If you are planning to incorporate this step, fill the chest with rye or wild rye (this is the only item that horses will eat). Make it in the shape of a square, but leave a two block opening on one side for the entrance.

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