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Ed Frawley discusses two different ways to break up a dog fight whether you're alone or with someone.
I assume you read the article I wrote on HOW TO BREAK UP A DOG FIGHT WITHOUT GETTING HURT. I need to say that if we had these dogs (and we have 4 house dogs), we would manage the dogs differently so these fights never happened. I just read your article in breaking up a dog fight, and thought id send you these two pics. The initial meeting of the dogs was done at the rescue facility, with their trainers on hand.
About a month into the newly integrated pack, we were comfortable enough with the dogs' behavior toward each other that we took the leashes off in the house, and allowed them to just be in collars. The dogs have been buddies since except for 2 minor squabbles that I was able to diffuse almost immediately.
It wasn't until afterwards that I was told by my children that the dog repeatedly bit the children in the home, another neighbor child and my son at one point! Here is a picture of a dog bite received while trying to break up a fight between my two beloved dogs, 85lbs & 65lbs.

Hi Cindy, I wanted to make a contribution to the dog bite photo, I know there was an email address set for that specifically but I couldn't find it, only that this is not a domestic one, it's a sport dog bite. I am some pretty severe dog bites after trying to break up a fight between two males the other night if you're interested. I know this is not the same situation but the majority of it will still apply to your dog. After finding your site on how to break up a dog fight I saw you were looking photos of the bite so here is mine.
I thought I should share with you a couple bites I have occured during my ordeals with my two dogs.
The only thing I can do to minimize the damage to humans and dogs is to have a good plan, and the right tools. I had two female pit bulls both around 4 years old at my house, one was my own dog the other was a friend's.
We never expected the dog to get his head out because we didn't believe a) that he would fit and b) that he would even try it, the holes were only 15 cms big.
I grabbed the doodles collar to get him off the terrier and was about to grab the terriers collar with my other hand when the terrier went for the doodles neck, and got my hand instead.

It is the dominant dog starting the fight and not linked to toys, food or me being present (fought without me). Those few seconds when the dog got to him nearly gave me a heart attack, when you can't see if the dog got to the flesh or if it's just the clothes, but it was a relief when the dog pulled and it only ripped the pants. Although I thought I had driven home how she should treat dogs she did make a mistake but the largest problem was the negligence on the owners part.
He does have the dog's fangs printed on his calf but it was a minimal injury compared to what it could have been. I wish I would have thought quicker to do the pulling of the legs or at least been smart enough to not throw my hand in between them. They took the cast off, but am supposed to wear a heavy splint for 24 hours except when I'm soaking my hand in hot water. The male doodle always fights with my little terrier, then the female doodle jumps in, then my big dog jumps in to take the male doodle off the terrier.

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