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The six-day WOW ToT course aimed at strengthening the capacity of regional trainers in Russia, Central Asia, the South Caucasus and Iran on the flyway conservation approach using the new WOW Flyway Training Kit. The course engaged a total of 16 people from a number of AEWA Range countries in the sub-region, including Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Russia and Uzbekistan. The upcoming Shale Gas Tight Oil Water Management Cost-Reduction Training Weeks will be providing practical hands-on training, from water experts that have had years of valuable experience in the field. LBCG Training Courses have been designed to equip course attendees with the ability to make critical cost-reducing decisions based on the size of their budgets and operations in both expected and unexpected scenarios. It is incredibly easy to make mistakes when handling water for shale gas and tight oil operations - from getting the wrong kind of water, misjudging the volume of water in place and running out of water halfway through a frac  - this course will use the hindsight of our instructors to teach attendees how to avoid unwanted scenarios and more importantly, discuss the type of contingency plans that you can in place.
Free ongoing support and consultation from CPI to deliver exceptional training within your organization. Each participant in the Three-Day Instructor Program receives a comprehensive Instructor Manual and materials necessary for staff training.
For more information on the ToT workshop in Astana, Kazakhstan please see the full report of the workshop now available as PDF download from the WOW Website.

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Approval to submit the Foundation Course to gain CEU approval for internal trainings using your approved provider status. A quick review of the basic concepts will be covered and substantially build upon throughout the course, with knowledge and key decision making criteria that has come from years of real world industry experience.

Training of Trainers courses using materials from the WOW Flyway Training Kit have already been conducted for the Middle East (in Amman, Jordan, August 2009) and the Western and Central African region (in Limbe, Cameroon, November 2009). Training Courses For Unconventional Shale Gas Tight Oil Water Management: Water Sourcing, Water Treatment Technologies, Water Chemistries, Water Infrastructure, Water Transfer, Water Storage At Lower Cost.
After taking the Two-Day Foundation and Care Partner Applications Course, on day three, participants learn how to deliver consistent staff training rooted in a person-centered, abilities-based model. The Three-Day Instructor Program, our train-the-trainer course, allows an organization to create a positive, congruent approach among all staff. The materials include a starter supply of Foundation Course Participant Workbooks and an Electronic Presentation to help deliver the program with ease.
Upon completion, they become certified to purchase and use CPI’s training materials to teach the One-Day Foundation Course within their organization, and receive continual support for meeting ongoing training requirements.

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