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I have three beautiful, wonderful, crazy, stubborn, loving, ridiculous attention hog, dogs. I have always found that training a dog when he has a full belly is more successful than a hungry dog. Since the leash plays an important part in training a dog not to jump, make sure you have the right one. We’ve been lucky and none of our dogs have been jumpers but I know some who struggle with this and they really could benefit from your tips.
I never thought stepping on the leash could help detour jumping, that’s so brilliant!

Just as a child will not do well in school when they are hungry, dogs need to be alert too.
But with positive reinforcement, a steady training method and calm words, you will see a vast improvement in your dog.
I adopted 7 year old Piper last year from the Beagle rescue because older dogs need homes too. So make a commitment to your dog, feed them well and regularly, give them lots of clean water and train them when you can. Like what to feed them that they will all eat and the chore of training the new dog to fit into the household better.

Knowing that PetSmart has Purina® Pro Plan® and that my dogs always love that solved the first issue.

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