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Enjoying a good relationship with your dog means being able to take the dog for a walk and having it heel. For example, when you are home, clip the leash on but go about your normal routine in the house. Repeat this until both you and the dog are bored, and its lost all interest in pulling on the lead because the chances are it is going straight back inside and not on a walk. Teach the dog to stop pulling on the lead.[5] This works best if you set aside plenty of time, and are prepared to not actually get as far as your intended destination.
If your dog needs lots of exercise, try playing ball in the yard to tire it out beforehand so that it gets its exercise. Using this method, however, when the dog tries to get you to move faster, it results in you stopping, which means no movement at all. Hopefully, after about a month of taking walks like this, your dog will no longer be taking you for a walk! This version of How to Train an Older Dog to Walk Calmly on a Leash was reviewed by Pippa Elliott, MRCVS on October 27, 2015. Punishment and pain can also lead to an escalation of bad behavior and in some cases even aggression toward the owner.
This type of training is more effective because it builds a bond of trust and cooperation between animals and human, the animals (and the human) actually look forward to training! However, your dog has to be taught that the clicker means something, clicking alone is not reinforcing, you must teach your dog what the clicker means.
Leash training, like most dog obedience training is less problematic if we can break it down into straight forward, manageable steps.
Scheduling multiple training sessions throughout the day will help your dog learn more quickly because dogs like schedules and he will look forward with happy anticipation until you can go out again!

I like training right before breakfast, lunch or dinner because my pups are hungry and pay more attention, and I can even use their kibble (food) for reward! You love to take your dog to the park, around the block or to other venues for a healthy walk. When there are leash-pulling or negative interactions between animals – if you walk multiple dogs – it is time to step in immediately.
If you dread going outside simply because walking your dog exposes its bad manners, do not worry.
Unfortunately, many dogs have learned to pull on the lead, which is tiring for you, uncomfortable to it, and could potentially be dangerous if the dog is too large and powerful. Dogs most commonly pull because they are excited to get where they are going, which is usually an exciting place full of interesting smells such as the park.
When your dog turns its head to look at you, give a hearty "GOOD DOGGY!" then move forward and keep on walking. I believe all dog should be trained well enough to be walked on a buckle collar or harness alone, no dog training collar to over-use or rely on! Skinner one of the leading researchers on reinforcement found that positive reinforcement is superior to punishment in altering behavior because positive reinforcement results in lasting behavioral modification and punishment changes behavior only temporarily and presents many detrimental side effects.
At Sit Means Sit, our friendly experts gladly work with you to walk your pet the right way. However, don't despair if you have an older dog that has learned bad habits, as it's never too late to retrain a dog to walk calmly on the leash without pulling. While it might seem tempting to use a prong collar or choke chain, these work by inflicting pain and having the dog associate pain with pulling.
This is likely to reboot the whole excitement thing, because this time it looks like the dog really is going for a walk.

If the dog then tanks ahead of you and pulls in the next direction, stop again and change direction. Commit to daily training but don't assume that your dog will change its behavior after just a week.
While your dog should be trained to listen to voice command and stay next to you even without the help of the lead, most cities have laws that require dogs to be leashed.
If the dog is ahead of you, sets the pace and more or less drags you, it considers itself the leader. You simply need time, patience, and an understanding of what motivates your dog to learn and follow commands. This kind of leash will let you correct bad behavior quickly and effectively by redirecting the dog away from distractions. In this case, the action of pulling on the lead is it's own reward because the dog perceives they get where they want to go more quickly. In addition, consider that even the best-trained dog is at risk of being hurt or attacked when you cannot quickly pull it away from danger.
As we have previously discussed, your dog will be happiest when it acknowledges you – or someone you design to take over for you – as the pack’s leader. That means that even a young child should be able to walk the dog on a leash without incident.

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