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PetsTraining Your Dog to Stay Off Your BedThe only way to teach him to get down and stay down is consistency.
Pieter EstersohnAdvertisement - Continue Reading BelowI want to train my dog to stay off my bed, but he keeps jumping back on. Turn your bed back into the retreat it should be with some help from dog trainer Kathy Santo.

Most dogs who jump on the bed while you're sleeping have been allowed to do so at other points during the day, either because of your inconsistency ("The dog is on the bed again, but I'm late for work"), familial sabotage ("Daddy's away on a business trip, so you can sleep here until he comes home"), or by design ("I just want to snuggle with my puppy for a while").
Confining him to a crate or another room works well, but watch out: dogs consider a sofa to be the next best thing to a human's bed.
When you remove a behavior from your dog's repertoire -- whether it's digging, barking, or jumping on the bed -- you're creating a hole in his routine.

So if you only teach him not to jump on your bed at night, he may decide to hop up on someone else's bed.

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